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Budnick fights back

Nick Budnick is fighting back.
Today's issue of the WW shows Deva on the cover and discusses Indymedia. It's not online yet, but you should really pick up a copy.
the article by budnick 23.Apr.2003 10:10


it is disappointing to see this focus on individual personality. the article never mentions all the hard working people who contribute to keeping the site running or doing video, reporting etc.

the reason this indymedia is doing well, is because there are numerous good people, with their own minds and thoughts contributing to the project. budnick does all those people a real disservice by painting the picure of them being lackeys to spArk and myself.

nick clearly has a personal axe to grind and has written another article that misrepresents, mischaracterizes, makes false assumptions and gets some facts outright wrong.

In Agreement with Deva 23.Apr.2003 10:42


Mr.Budnick does seem to have a personal axe to grind. I've never seen an article (except in the Mercury, of course, where the oh-so-ironic egoism of juvenility rules)in which the words "I" and "me" occur so frequently. It's really a kind of uncomfortable read, like watching someone go through a panic attack.

Having said that, it would be nice if "composting" followed a more regular set of standards. While it doesn't take an obsessive following of this site to see that without culling some material it would be impossible to wade through all the garbage to get at real info, I would feel better if the standards were more clearly defined.

And after all of that, I think that more of us should be involved with the planning and implementation of the site. We know when the meetings are, so that's just our laziness. For many, many reasons, it is important that Indymedia does not become associated with individuals.

Which Facts? 23.Apr.2003 11:00


Which facts did Budnick get wrong? I thought the article did a fair job of praising indymedia and its success as a whole ... at times seeming to hijacking the "crimethinc" descriptions and language - which of course is encouraged. He focuses on the individuals because they are allegedly the ones with the power to censor. Is this false? Censoring trolls is fine, as they rarely contribute to the overall experience, but censoring in the way Budnick asserts seems hypocritical and damages the site's integrity.

By bringing his own experience with indymedia into the article, he doesn't try to hide his axe to grind ... as people on indymedia don't. Usually, I think his articles suck and that English majors shouldn't be journalists (a big assumption on my part). This was good though. Does the alleged IMC leadership become a bunch of Castro-esque revolutionaries whose censorship and violence overshadows the people who are undoubtedly making the difference, or do they actually stay at the forefront of "the revolution" and allow dissent?

obviously feeling threatened 23.Apr.2003 11:51


Afterall, what do we really need the weekly papers here for anyway... Maybe with the new site we can put the final nail in the coffin of those outdated tree wasting corporate garbage papers. I'd be happy if I never had to flip through a paper trying to wade through 5 papges of porn ads.

Indymedia is the people without a voice 23.Apr.2003 12:40


Nick Budnick wrote the article to destroy Portland Indymedia and to play out a fantasy turf war with an organization that he supposes is led by two men. He will not be successful because he does not understand that Portland Indymedia is not a group of people, it is a tool used by people all over the region. There is no one person, or collective, or cadre, or philosphy running Indymedia. It is a tool for use by the many.

Mr. Budnick is a shallow, sexist little man. He never did talk to the women who give to Portland Indymedia because that would blow his illusion that media is all about blowhard men.

He thought by showing Portland Indymedia as a "Deva and Spark cult", that he could drive away people who want to contribute to this communication revolution. Those of us who know Deva and Spark know that they do not control anything. But, their contributions and thoughtfulness on possibilties are appreciated by those who give to Indymedia. All those who contribute in a positive way are appreciated.

budnick went out of his way to find people in Portland who may have had a difference of opinion with Spark or Deva. His quotes may have been out of context (maybe not). He is hoping that he drove a wedge between activist so that they will stop using the Portland Indymedia website to organize thier actions and organizations.

He thinks that Portland Indymedia only serves a few radicals in Portland, however he does not know that contributors range in age from 10 to 75 and are equally male and female, and live all over the Pacific Northwest.

There are areas of Oregon where there is no viable alternative media. People from that area post to Portland Indymedia..and people from that area check Portland Indymedia for posts about events in their area.

Spark and Deva do offer some very good things to the meetings and technical support. They are not devisive people. They are always working on their communication and can take and give valuable feedback. They will stand up to oppression. Such as strong personalities that come to meetings and cut off anyone who tries to speak. In the early days most women did not stay around Portland Indymedia very long because they were constantly cut off.

We have all worked on sexism, ageism, and other oppressive cultural habits. We are all trying to listen to the people as the landscape of our culture falls apart.

People like budnick will appear from time to time to try to keep the transformation from happening and try to drive wedges between us. Don't let it happen. You are the media!

re: Gertha 23.Apr.2003 13:01


it would be good to get the revised composting policy more clearly stated on the site - or stated at all

most peoples time and energy has been going into getting the new site up and so some things like that which should have been up a while ago have not made it yet.

the idea is also there to have more info and some tutorials about posting, and about html, media prep etc

the new site will allow the creation of such pages to be done more easily and need less technical know-how so that more people can do that work.

thanks for the comment

To zora 23.Apr.2003 14:01

u go!

Right on, zora. Couldn't have said it better myself. The only point I would add is that nick buttdick didn't talk to the women of indy because WE WON'T TALK TO HIM. He's a liar and a corporate whore, and most of us chose not to talk to him.

there is no such thing as .... 23.Apr.2003 14:42


Bad publicity.

Lots of new people will be checking out indymedia in the near future. (which is good)

Lots more trolls (not so good, but it sorta comes with the territory)

And why is it that people always think spelling= smart?

No time now, but 23.Apr.2003 17:39


I'd like to thank all you people who have responded thoughtfully and supported the tool that is indymedia. Special thanx to Zora who said what I would have said after I got through cussin'. You beautiful people are what keeps me fighting for what we can be as a species and as a world.


Keep up the Great Work 23.Apr.2003 18:52


Don't let the criticism get in your way. IMC is the best thing going. Even trolls get their kicks here.