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Stop the FCC

If you believe that we need a free and independent media in the United States, we need you to send an email to Congress right now telling them so. Go to www.mediareform.net now, or stay here and let us explain.
On June 2, big money special interests and the Federal Communications Commission plan to further relax or eliminate the remaining significant media ownership laws. They call it "deregulation," but it is no such thing. It is actually "re-regulation," such that all the choice radio and TV licenses can go to fewer and fewer massive firms, and these firms can buy up far more newspapers and cable TV systems and channels than was ever possible in the past. If you like what has happened to radio since its ownership rules were scrapped in 1996, you'll love what is about to happen in the rest of the U.S. media. It can get worse. Much worse.

The majority of the FCC members are under the thumb of the massive media conglomerates that are demanding these changes so they can get bigger and face less competition. They are working to rush these changes through without any public involvement.

The AFL-CIO, Consumers Union, the Consumer Federation of America and leading religious and civil rights groups have argued that the changes go too far. Yet, polls show that most Americans do not know that the FCC is preparing to dramatically shift the landscape of American media, journalism and democracy.

Only concerted effort on our part can stop the FCC.

In the next few weeks, the U.S. Senate Commerce Committee will hold crucial hearings on the proposed deregulation.

Public comments will determine whether or not Congress allows Big Media to have their way.

Please go to www.mediareform.net. One click will send your message to Congress and the FCC demanding they preserve current media ownership rules for the sake of a diverse, independent, and competitive media.

If we lose this fight, the likely stampede of mergers will give a handful of large corporations greater influence over what is-- and is not -- reported in the news. The quality of media will get even worse as the public's ability to have open, informed discussion with a wide variety of viewpoints declines, eroding the foundations of our democracy.

No matter what your issue, media reform is integral to it. As they say, You control the news, you control the views.

Finally, please send this message to everyone you think might be interested via email. We can win this fight.

Bob McChesney & John Nichols

PS -- Free Press is a new group we co-founded. It is a national organization working to increase informed public participation in crucial media policy debates, and generate a range of policies that will produce a more competitive and public interest-oriented media system. For more information, please contact Free Press:  info@mediareform.net or call toll free 866-666-1533 www.mediareform.net
deregulation? 23.Apr.2003 14:51


yeah deregulation happened because of the telecommunications act of 1996.

passed by a democrat president, but none of you guys are complaining...

We must stop the takeover 24.Apr.2003 09:45

Grant usfifty@email.com

The reason we as a country had these laws was to stop a monopoly of the media of a given region. The reason we put these laws in place, after WWII, was becouse we saw how the Germen People were manipulated and controled by the nazis. Now that same systematic take over(and the same money behind it) has changed our laws to keep us passive and dosile. Yes, it was a Democrat who paved the roadwork for the change, a SOUTHERN democrat, but that doesn't mean much since the 2 party system is all run by the same money. If we keep loking at the issues only through the glasses of the people who bought this country up, then we will never see the stories as they really are.

We All Know How News Can Start War 26.Apr.2003 16:26

Kristin kharding@mail.colgatealumni.org

Why do we absolutely need to prevent corporate monopolies from taking over our media? Why do we need to keep the restrictions in place that prevent one powerful corporation from having power over all the major news stations, newspapers, etc. in one town?

Did you know GE, the company that produces smart bombs, owns NBC? Imagine, from GE's perspective, how much money they stood to make from a war in Iraq. Do you think they were particularly likely to truthfully inform the nation of the consequences of war and the actual massive size of the oppositional movement?

Now imagine if the FCC's deregulation takes place. GE would be allowed to own not just NBC, but all the networks and newspapers in a city if they liked. A whole city's media resources could be run by a single corporation. Imagine the propaganda power!

We need access to all kinds of different points of view in order to make educated decisions as participants in a republic. Stop the FCC!

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