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Rumors of PATRIOT Act II Introduction

Sequel may be on its way.
Currently on the fine resource patriotwatch.org is the following warning:

"Rumors Are Swirling that PATRIOT II Will be Introduced Shortly After Congress Returns from Easter Recess"

PATRIOTWATCH is run by Cory Smith, who appears to be the same Cory Smith who is Legislative Counsel for the Lawyer's Committee for Human Rights -- which would make him a fairly credible source of such rumor reporting.

Congress returns from their recess next Monday and Tuesday. Recently, a Justice Department official claimed that the text of PATRIOT Act II (or, rather, the Domestic Security Enhancement Act of 2003) had been substantially rewritten, but there were no details.

So this is a "stay alert" message. We will post more information on these rumors -- especially any confirmation of them -- as they come along.

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