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new song: GAZA DON'T LOSE HOPE (audio/slideshow)

new audio composition by ofek (switch your browser's encoding to unicode if non-roman letters do not display)
new song: GAZA DON'T LOSE HOPE (audio/slideshow)
new song: GAZA DON'T LOSE HOPE (audio/slideshow)
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??? ?? ?????
??? ?? ?????
gaza don't lose hope

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?????: ?????? ?'???
text: simon jester | translation: ofek
??? ??? ?? ?????
??? ????? ?? ???????
?????? ?? ?????
??? ???? ?? ?????

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????? ????????????
??????? ??? ??????
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?????? ??????

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?????? ??? ???? ????
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?????? ?? ?????

???? ??? ?? ??????
???? ?? ???????
??? ?? ??? ????????
??? ??? ???? ?????
gaza gaza don't lose hope
the occupation has to stop
every protest people cry
but nothing seems to signify

bombers return to your skies
in your streets tanks mobilize
your defenders die again
your children are in cold blood slain

the subjugator again comes in
again they beat, they shoot, they ruin
now and then we cry against it
and your blood just spills on dirt

beit laheeya dir el-balakh
el-shati bet khanun and rafakh
once again they're trampled by
the feet of those they must defy

stand up gaza on your feet
shake those bigots off your streets
wipe your tears off and sustain
the morning sun will shine again

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gaza in pictures (random pictures from the net)


if the slideshow doesn't work on indymedia go to [the source].

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homepage: homepage: http://ofek.com/200302.php

new lyrics 22.Apr.2003 20:34

not palestinian


Gaza gaza don't lose hope
Sit back down on your terrorist asses and smoke some dope
It may be hard to cope
But your worth a nickel and a bar of soap

IDF raid bomb making labs
While Portland protesters slab on PLO flags
Supporting blindly for the little guy
Even if under his jacket is strapped TNT ready to blow little jewish children into the sky

O sigh

How dare the Israelis defend their land?!
Give the terrorists the upper hand?