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Some Americans feel the war is over, but we still have U.S. troops stationed in Iraq. In front of the Portland City Hall there remain a small group of individuals expressing their opinions about our actions 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.
The Portland Peace Encampment continues to speak out against the action our government has taken in Iraq. Their numbers have dwindled, but their spirit is strong. Some Americans feel the war is over, but U.S. troops remain stationed and active in Iraq. We as a nation are no closer to pulling out of our illegal invasion of that country. In front of the Portland City Hall, there remains a small group of dedicated individuals that have been there 24 hours a day, 7 days a week since we started the bombing on April 20. They remain there rain or shine to express their opinions about the actions of our country. They are also there to discuss their points of view with others interested in the situation in Iraq.

As the bombing has slowed, so has the support for the peace encampment. They are in need of more folks showing up to show their solidarity and lend some moral support. Larger numbers of people at the peace encampment would indicate to those who believe the war is over that some people have not forgotten about what is happening in Iraq and will not stop speaking out until the injustices that we are creating cease. In addition to paying them a visit, the peace encampment could also use plastic sign material, disposable cameras and always more hot coffee and hot meals.

address: address: Boring, OR

Olympia Peace Camp 22.Apr.2003 19:23


The Olympia Peace Camp is also still running. It started on the Capital Campus on March 18 and moved to Heritage Park in Downtown Olympia. There may be another move in the near future, but the camp is not ending. Photographs and more details soon...

faslane 23.Apr.2003 09:31


Did any of you read about the Really Big Blockade that occurred yesterday in Faslane Scotlans, at the base where they make UKs Trident nuclear submarines? Well, there's a peace camp near there, the base, that's been there for 20 YEARS!

Read about it here:


What an inspiration!
Hey, you should dig some tunnels!