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Mike D arrested at Primate Lab protest

Mike D arrested at Primate Lab protest
Mike D was arrested at the OHSU Primate Center protest just a short time ago. The arresting officer(s) only said that there was a warrant out for his arrest and gave no other information.

As soon as there is further information, it will be posted and if anyone learns anything, please post it up!
Info 22.Apr.2003 20:32


Mike was arrested by an Officer Kozawa on a warrant out of Clackamas County for Disorderly Conduct. Warrant was issued on April 8-2003 - CC did not know what the offense was about or when it was alleged to have taken place. Mike sure seems to be the target of police harassment as of late. For more info you can call (503) 650-3037 tomorrow after 8am.

Offencive body oder? 23.Apr.2003 09:53

The Redcoat

By your logic every working class American would be subject to arrest at the end of their work shit.
By the way, name calling doesn't prove anything (except that you are immature).

electrojack 24.Apr.2003 10:04


those public safety goon's have alot of knowledge .
be afraid, be very very afriad
and don't worry md has thier pictures.
did you know they are planning to have bbq on 185th on saturday? look what they are eating