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Eugene Police Overkill at Critical Mass Fall Creek Rally

Once again, the Eugene Police satisfied their fetish with repression and harassment for no reason at all.
About 25 critical massers met at Zip-O-Log Mills in Eugene this afternoon to protest the Clark timber sale where the Fall Creek tree-sit has been on-going for 5 years now. After a short rally, the group biked to the Federal Building, got followed by the cops, and one person was given a citation, but otherwise things went smoothly.

Then, after another short rally at the Federal Building, about 15 people decided to ride over to the new tree-sit on city property in Eugene. On the way, the riders, who were not even taking up a full lane on the road, were surrounded by more than 28 cops in cars and on motorcycles, and everyone was given a citation for disoderly conduct, and 2 were arrested for reasons yet unknown.

There were also riot cops waiting up the road for this group of 15.

If anyone has photos of this ridiculous display of cop overkill or knowledge of the arrests please post.

We must give the power back to the people!!! These pigs are out of control.
Top Down 22.Apr.2003 17:30


Guess there haven't been enough rowdy frat parties for the EPD to get their yayas out. Given the nature of Eugene, where even the anarchists are pretty mellow, it's hard to understand where this desire to thump heads comes from. But a friend reminded me that hierarchies work from the top down. The top of the Eugene law enforcement hierarchy is the DA, Doug Harclerode (sp?). His attitudes seep downward into the police force, and those are not pretty attitudes to see. And of course there is the mayor.

Eugene really needs a new mayor, (Torrey is top pig even though he's not a cop) and Lane County needs a new DA. The law enforcement policies won't change until those things happen. If I lived in Eugene, I'd be working pretty hard to get one of those sharp, liberal lawyers in town(Jan Wilson comes to mind) to put together a run at Torrey. Take the fat man down and the rest will follow.

Don't they have better things to do? 22.Apr.2003 22:11

Fall Creek freak

Don't they have better things to do? The cops once again waste taxpayers money in a big way!!!

Torrey.....TORREY IS TOXIC! Now would be a good time for him to go....Some pork needs to be trimmed from the city government.




Dismayed 23.Apr.2003 10:48


You know I was going to come in this morning and write a dandy little post. Something contrary to the necessarily dark posts that usually exist here. I was going to write about how good the vibes were at Zipp-o. How nice it was to ride across town with fellow forest defenders as a symbol of our continued disapproval of, and dedication to ending logging of remaining old growth.
Instead, I hear this morning "You left just in time yesterday. 30 cops... disorderly conduct... peacefully riding... riot cops up the hill... " I left the federal building with a sense of accomplishment, and camaraderie. Only to find out that my friends (who were mostly strangers) got busted for absolutely nothing other than the EPD's urge to harass people who dare to think critically and act accordingly. The whole day was entirely peaceful, and all seemed to be going well. Sure, we had escorts the whole time, we only outnumbered the cops three to one (20 protesters 7 cops in front of Zipp-o), but we were peaceful, and not doing anything illegal.
This is totally disgusting and EPD should be ashamed of themselves. In a time of budgetary crisis in Oregon when kids and their parents don't have health care, or food, our tax dollars still go the unfettered ability of police enforcement to do whatever they fucking want.
Thank all of you for taking a stand yesterday. I am sorry I couldn't be there in solidarity with you.

Out of Control 23.Apr.2003 14:13


I also attended the rally at zip o and felt some strange power - that if we have to stand two feet from bizy traffic - on cement that is covering up the earth -as if to show they conquer wherever they go- but knowing that the earth remains under us as it is in the Fall Creek area of the forest and all forests that live and breathe so as to give us life that most take for granted

but at least we get to stand in front of ZIP O LOG Mill and actually ACT CIVILIZED while big trees (three and four huge pieces of trees perload) roll in on the spiked logging vehicles to make those very valuable 4 by 4's and 4 by 8's that are stacked around the mill - TO SIMPLY REMIND THEM THAT THE FOREST IS NOT A COMMODITY TO ALL PEOPLE. and then we dispersed. The last i heard was a cop saying on his radio - i don't know what is going on here. I got one across the street one walking in front of me and 3 on bikes heading one way and 3 on bikes ...

so i captured the image of three on bikes rolling on by with a clear message to save fall creek and a salmon swimming along with them, with motorcycle cops popping up here and popping up there because bikes on a road in Eugene throws everyone off ???

HMMM if i had a bike there is no telling where i'd be right now. This bullshit can not continue much longer. I hope no one got hurt by any of those power monger menaces in the riot gear. We are citizens of eugene and we say Lose the fucking powertrip cops and politicians!