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Does anyone know what Mayor Katz has been doing
Does anyone know what Mayor Katz has been doing about the war? what her standpoint is? if sahe has talked to us in a while, I know, I know, I know, its not exactly within her power to stop the war, but i dont really think that that is the issue. she is mayor, and although i know its a very time consuming job, i think she should have more contact with the people that elected her asuminbg she gave a damn. Before the education Mesure, 28, was voted on, I did not hear a thing from our mayor - who is in charge of the city that I grow up in and love. she was NOT EVEN IN PORTLAND on the day of voting. it makes me sad that our own mayor does not try to connect with us. WHAT HAS SHE DONE - since Febuary. what has been done by HER, to stop militasry recruting, to stop an unjust war. She is supose to be a comunity leader. she is a part of the government. she is a part of the police state. she is a major part of the people. i would have admird a mayor that spoke to the people on the day of voting for measure 28. advocating our education. which is sad, sad, sad.

After the Febuary Portland Public Student General Strike for books not bombs, we told the Mayor we would come back, to check and see what she has done for our educations for peace and for our lives. what has she done?
not as a mayor- As a fellow portlandian?
id love to talk to her again...


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