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Argentina Update

The ongoing situation in Argentina deserves more attention than it is recieving. While liberals, leftists, and radicals in the north struggle to organize protests, the people of Argentina have taken it all to the next level. The article below, from today's BBC frontpage, describes one among hundreds of similar events.
Argentina Update
Argentina Update
Argentina factory battle resumes

By Peter Greste
BBC correspondent in Buenos Aires

Riot police in Argentina fired teargas and rubber bullets to disperse hundreds of demonstrators gathered outside a clothing factory that workers seized in 2001.
At least two protestors were injured in the clashes as the police sought to enforce a court order evicting the workers.
With presidential elections less than a week away, the Brukman factory has become a symbol of the country's economic crisis.
Workers occupying the building have already been expelled twice but they have won their battles in the courts on both occasions.

Hundreds of angry protestors confronted hundreds more police in full riot gear throughout Monday in violent clashes.
The demonstrators were demanding that the Brukman workers be allowed back in.
The police ultimately responded with rubber bullets, tear gas and baton charges.
There are reports of dozens more placed under arrest. The protestors accuse the police of brutal oppression. The police insisted that they had been threatened with Molotov cocktails and other weapons.
The authorities raided the factory last week to enforce an eviction order removing the 57 workers who are locked in a legal battle with the factory owners.

Workers' occupation
The owners originally closed the plant two years ago, at the height of Argentina's economic crisis.
They argued that they simply couldn't afford to pay the months of wages owed or to keep the looms operating.
But desperate to keep their jobs, the unemployed workers forced open the doors, repaired machinery and began selling again.
The strategy inspired similar tactics from employees in more than a hundred other businesses who collapsed under the weight of the economic crash.
The outcome of this round still isn't clear.
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