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Our May Day

May Day is quickly approaching! I encourage everyone to start planning now - form your affinity groups, scout targets, plan actions...
Our May Day
Our May Day
War on Terror?

Since September 11th new and more repressive laws have been introduced under the pretence of a constant threat of war and terrorist attacks. But what is the ?war on terrorism?? It?s simply a continued war, a war of ?democratic? governments against their own populations and the dispossessed of the world. Afghanistan, Iraq, Iran?, North Korea?, China? The list of so- called ?rogue states? is almost endless - in reality all states are rogue states. This should not surprise us, as capitalism and war are inseparable. War stimulates the arms trade and the economy generally. War allows capitalist restructuring and reinforces national boundaries. It encourages religious, nationalist and patriotic illusions and submerges other conflicts, like the current fire fighters dispute. War displaces people, being a key reason for seeking asylum, whilst the Government scapegoats asylum seekers as ?terrorists?.

Our Pre-Emptive Strike

On Mayday we propose a pre-emptive strike at the future that capitalism dictates for us, a future that can only offer us more exploitation, boredom, and submission. An attack on the real weapons of mass destruction: oil companies, the arms manufacturers, multinationals and banks. Governmental institutions who through their policies and interests destroy lives, create divisions and misery.

- The rich will not lie down and the powerful will not disappear, neither will they surrender their privilege willingly. In order to create a future worth building we must, collectively, together, as one, destroy that which enslaves, suppresses & hinders us. Mayday is simply a glimpse of that possibility. Our energy is awe-inspiring, extraordinary, limitless. This is still our day.
Regarding May Day...puh-leeze! 03.May.2003 19:50

Haywood Jablowmi

Ooooh...big scary protesters, marching like little soldiers, screaming like the spineless emo-loving pussies they are. You all make me sick. In fact, I probably would be hurling if I wasn't laughing so hard at your comedic attempts to get attention, and prove to your mommies that you are "really doing something with your life." Bad mouthing the police, spitting and throwing things, swearing at men who are just out to do a job makes you look like the pathetic sniveling dorks that you are. You can't stop the war. In fact, it's already happened. Why don't you all just try to make the world a better place by drowning yourselves in the Willamette. The city could sell tickets with the proceeds going to charity. What d'ya think?

Fuck you all.