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9.11 investigation

Corvallis city council passes bill of rights resolution

Corvallis became the 90th local government to pass a resolution opposing the assaults on our Constitutional guarantees by the UPA, Homeland Security and post 9/11 Executive Orders.

Corvallis became the 90th local government to pass a resolution opposing the assaults on our Constitutional guarantees by the UPA, Homeland Security and post 9/11 Executive Orders.

The vote was last night (Monday, Apr 21), and it was 7-2. The Benton County Bill of Rights Defense Committee had a strong resolution written. Apparently the City Attorney wanted to weaken it. However, the resolution passed was very adequate.

Under provisions of the adopted resolution, the city manager will direct city employees to forward all requests from federal authorities such as subpoenas, court orders and warrants to the city manager's office, and the city manager will report on any such requests to the city council.

Likewise, the resolution calls for the city manager to direct the Corvallis Police Department to remain vigilant in preserving the rights of Corvallis residents and continue to carry out investigations without any preferential or discriminatory treatment. It also directs police officials to "refrain from collecting or maintaining information about the political, religious, social views, associations or activities of any individual, group, association, organization, corporation, business or partnership unless it directly relates to an investigation into criminal activities or there is reasonable suspicion for suspecting criminal conduct."

Benton County commissioners passed a similar resolution on March 18th.

Hooray! Six local governments in Oregon have taken stands of mass civil disobedience to the UPA, Homeland Security and post 9/11 Executive Orders. We are hopeful Lane County will be number seven when the County Commission takes up the issue in late May. We are going before the County Commission on May 14, to give public testimony. And hopefully, the Commission will see such an outpouring of support, they will put this on their agenda for late May or early June.

In Oregon these communities have passed resolutions to protect our civil liberties

Ashland, Oregon -
Benton County, Oregon - March 18
Corvallis, Oregon - April 21
Gaston, Oregon - April 9
Talent, Oregon - April 2

Who is working on resolutions in Oregon as of April 22

Astoria, Oregon
Grants Pass, Oregon
Lane County
Portland, Oregon
Newport, Oregon
Bend, Oregon
Florence, oregon
North Tillamook County

For more on who is passing these resolutions nationwide go to: http://www.efn.org/%7Elcbordc/acrosstheus.htm

Congratulations to Corvallis! Good work! Following is a statement this morning from Michael P. from Corvallis and a statement from Tina Empol, from the City Council.

Hope Marston
Lane County Bill of Rights Defense Committee

An anti-USAPATRIOT Act resolution was adopted April 21 by the Corvallis City Council by a 7-2 vote.

The basic language of the resolution in support of "Promoting Civil Rights and Liberties of City of Corvallis Residents" had been crafted by local activists known as the Benton County Bill of Rights Defense Committee; changes were introduced both by the City Attorney's office and by City Councilors mostly to deal with how the City's CHARTER allows the Council to set policy which the City Manager is required to administer without breaking any federal or state laws, and while upholding the provisions of both state and federal constitutions.

Opponents of the resolution were concerned that the City should limit itself to City business; the debate was remarkable because the separation of powers between the Council and the City Manager was given serious thought and discussion.


Congratulations to all who testified and took time to be active in getting a resolution from the Corvallis City Council. It was grueling and I am tired, probably because I never stopped talking and trying to twist a little bit more out of what was before us. We dodged the kill it in committee bullet and ended up with something much stronger then where it was going prior to the meeting.

There are many more issues out there and as a campaign director I urge you all to support this resolution and sing the praises of living in a Corvallis that cares about the civil rights of all its residents. Its called positive spin and after all if we want to be able to go back in the future we need to have built some positive political capitol. My grandmother was fond of saying, "you catch more flies with honey then with vinegar". T

homepage: homepage: http://www.efn.org/~lcbordc/