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22 Candidates for Portland School Board will be at 501 N. Dixon at 7:00pm on Tuesday, April 22. There will be questions on School District Military Recruiting Policy and each candidates position on the policy. The large salmon colored building is in the Memorial Coliseum vicinity but on the opposite side of Broadway. Please come with signs and literature you wish to hand out.
"The No Child Left Behind" Bill has created unclear Portland Public School Policies on the rights of parents and students and the practices of military recruiters within the District. The election of new Board members is important to change the present confused policy of the Board and instill the policy that protects student and parent rights. As it stands now, a recruiter has access to all students names and contact information unless the parent instructs the information may not be released by the school. The "No Child Left Behind" Bill states that no school district will receive federal funds if it does not allow this student information to be accessed by military recruiters and also the recruiters must be allowed on school grounds. Ideally the best policy is to have them removed from the Portland Public School District altogether. The back up policy is to have minimal access on the grounds of the high schools and also signed agreements from parents and students that the student wishes to have information given to recruiters and only then is a recruiter allowed access to the information. Several organizations are involved in educating parents and students about their rights and these organizations are organizing to have further outreach.

phone: phone: 503-288-3986

why come? 22.Apr.2003 12:36

UNITE RESIST unite resist

Does anyone know what Mayor Katz has been doing about the war? what her standpoint is? if sahe has talked to us in a while, I know, I know, I know, its not exactly within her power to stop the war, but i dont really think that that is the issue. she is mayor, and although i know its a very time consuming job, i think she should have more contact with the people that elected her asuminbg she gave a damn. Before the education Mesure, 28, was voted on, I did not hear a thing from our mayor - who is in charge of the city that I grow up in and love. she was NOT EVEN IN PORTLAND on the day of voting. it makes me sad that our own mayor does not try to connect with us. WHAT HAS SHE DONE - since Febuary. what has been done by HER, to stop militasry recruting, to stop an unjust war. She is supose to be a comunity leader. she is a part of the government. she is a part of the police state. she is a major part of the people. i would have admird a mayor that spoke to the people on the day of voting for measure 28. advocating our education. which is sad, sad, sad.

After the Febuary Portland Public Student General Strike for books not bombs, we told the Mayor we would come back, to check and see what she has done for our educations for peace and for our lives. what has she done?
not as a mayor- As a fellow portlandian?
id love to talk to her again...

http://unite resist
unite resist
unite resist
why come?
why come?

Interesting Concepts 24.Apr.2003 17:57

Bum Hunter

I agree, we need more education, probably starting with Unite Resist. Wow...I can understand why you would be in favor of an education measure, you are in need. I think it is absolutely foolish for anyone to suggest that this war is "unjust". Study a little bit about the region, follow the money, arms, peronnel and see where it passes through and in many cases comes from.

I suppose Unite Resist, that you were silent during Somalia, that you were silent during Kosovo, that you were silent during the bombing of Sudan and Afghanistan in the late 90s. Why not come out and admit it for what it is? You don't like this war because it's a Bush venture. I would have more respect for that reason then for a reason of it being "unjust". Heck, even under most Moral Philosophers discriptions of what would be a "just war" you would find that this current war would fall under just that, a morally "just war". I know, I know, I used that word you and your friends truly hate, MORAL! Hold on, let me say it again in case youre still in shock, MORAL!

To resist recruiters having the opportunity to go to your schools is ridiculuous. Irregardless of your beliefs about the military, politics or the things our nations leaders drag us into, military service is an excellent option for teens. The mere fact that college money can come from service makes it very appealing. To take that opportunity from teens is a stupid idea. But then again, have we ever really heard a good idea come out of Portland, Vera or the Mult. Co. Socialist's machine? I think not.