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avoid corporate mass media's worst celebrities - *The Righties*

For your (dis)pleasure; from a site dedicated to identifying and boycotting "celebrity liberals, who we find offensive," they are "sick and tired of these celiberals using their popularity to bash our country, our president, and our spirit." Yet they go on to identify and promote those they call "Righties" who are "conservative celebrities (or those that lean slightly to the right)." Follow the link to the list of names, each with a link that documents their conservatism.
To see how or why any of these particular celebrities are conservative, click this link to a page of their names with links to articles;



3 Doors Down
98 Degrees
A.C. Green
Adam Sandler
Amy Grant
Andrew Lloyd Weber
Andy Garcia
Ann Margret
Arnold Palmer
Arnold Schwarzenegger
Arsenio Hall
Art Linkletter
Barbara Mandrell
BB King
Bellamy Brothers
Ben Stein
Billy Bob Thornton
Billy Dean
Bo Derek
Bo Diddley
Bob Hope
Brian McKnight
Britney Spears
Brittany Murphy
Brooks & Dunn
Bruce Willis
Buzz Aldrin
Charles Barkley
Charlie Daniels
Charlton Heston
Cheryl Ladd
Chuck Norris
Clint Black
Clint Eastwood
Connie Stevens
Crystal Gayle
Dale Earnhardt Jr.
Dana Carvey
Danny Aiello
Dave Barry
David Spade
Dean Jones
Debby Boone
Delta Burke
Dennis Franz
Dennis Hopper
Dennis Miller
Destiny's Child
Dixie Carter
Don Cherry
Don King
Doris Day
Drew Carey
Emmitt Smith
Faith Hill
Freddie Prinze Jr.
Gary Coleman
Gary Oldman
Gene Simmons
George Steinbrenner
George Strait
Gladys Knight
Gloria Estefan
Hank Williams Jr.
Heather Locklear
Jackie Mason
Jaclyn Smith
James Caan
James Earl Jones
James Woods
Jane Russell
Jason Priestley
Jean-Claude Van Damme
Jeff "Skunk" Baxter
Jeff Gordon
Jennifer Capriati
Jerry Seinfeld
Jessica Simpson
Jimmie Walker
John Elway
John Malkovich
John Tesh
John Travolta
Johnny Bench
Johnny Ramone
Jon Secada
Jon Voight
Joyce DeWitt
Julie Strain
Karl Malone
Kathy Griffin
Kathy Ireland
Kathy Lee Gifford
Kelsey Grammer
Kid Rock
Kirk Cameron
Kurt Russell
Lance Armstrong
Lee Ann Womack
Liam Gallagher
Lisa Hartman Black
Loretta Lynn
Louise Mandrell
Lyle Lovett
Marie Osmond
Marilyn Manson
Marilyn McCoo
Mario Andretti
Marshall Tucker Band
Martina McBride
Matt LeBlanc
Matt Stone
Matthew McConaughey
Meat Loaf
Merv Griffin
Michael J. Fox
Mick Hucknall
Mike Ditka
Naomi Judd
Neil Armstrong
Neil Young
Nolan Ryan
Norm MacDonald
Oak Ridge Boys
Ozzy Osbourne
Pat Boone
Pat Sajak
Paul Anka
Queen Latifah
Reba McEntire
Richard Petty
Rick Schroeder
Ricky Martin
Ricky Skaggs
Rob Lowe
Rob Schneider
Robert Conrad
Robert Duvall
Roger Staubach
Ronnie Milsap
Sela Ward
Shannen Doherty
Sharon Osbourne
Shirley Jones
Shirley Temple Black
Steve Irwin
Steve Largent
Steve Young
Susan Lucci
Tanya Tucker
Ted Nugent
The Rock
Tiger Woods
Tim McGraw
Toby Keith
Tom Clancy
Tom Cruise
Tom Selleck
Tony Danza
Tracy Scoggins
Travis Tritt
Trey Parker
Trisha Yearwood
Troy Aikman
Vince Gill
Vince Vaughn
Wanda Sykes
Wayne Gretzky
Wayne Newton
Winona Judd
Yakov Smirnoff
Yo-Yo Ma
ZZ Top

Jews 22.Apr.2003 09:38


I find it interesting that when it comes to Israel, all of a sudden, "righties" (and I use that term loosely) are big supporters of jews. How many do you know? Most jews I know are far from right leaning and do not support the behavior of Israel. There are many "left" leaning jews quoted on this site that Reddy has no problem with, so what's with the jewish thing. I have a problem with jews in the same way I would have a problem with anyone who supports regressive regimes and/or policies.

news 22.Apr.2003 10:01


this board is for news kiddies, go start a yahoo group if you want to argue, but are afraid to actually talk to people in person.

Marilyn Manson 22.Apr.2003 10:07


Marilyn Manson?! Oooh.. I just hate his "Righty" ways. Those ties he wears! You have got to be fucking kidding me. Congrats on creating your own little slam book. Why not focus on people who ARE actually saying something sane. Your list should be a LOT longer if these are the standards.

yes, Marilyn Manson (duh) 22.Apr.2003 12:17

GRINGO STARS gringo_stars@attbi.com

"Sure," when you grow up someday you will realise that how a person looks has very little to do with how (s)he acts. Marilyn Manson's crazy antics and clothes are bids for cash. He is cynically exploiting the boredom of mass entertainment for purely capitalist reasons. He is no different than Dick Cheney in his end-goal of making money. They also both support George The Second. Just click on the link in the original post and follow the Marilyn Manson link to read;

"A much more shocking bit of political information can be found in Talk at the end of "Marilyn Manson Has a Secret," Tucker Carlson's profile about the ghoul-rocker. Though Manson has spent his entire career thinking up successful ways to repulse and enrage adult America, it turns out that he is really a conservative, bourgeois guy with strong Republican leanings.

His complaints about America's vulgar, mindless entertainment and people who don't use good grammar make him sound like Bill Bennett. And, most shocking of all, Manson -- who says he loathes Gore and Sen. Joseph Lieberman -- tells Tucker that "If I had to pick, I'd pick Bush, and not necessarily by default."

You'd expect Manson to be more disposed to voting for Libertarian Party guy, Harry Browne, the Official Presidential Candidate of this column. Or maybe Ralph Nader, the choice of the suddenly pragmatic Nation, which urges the progressive faithful to vote for St. Ralph only in states where the Bush-Gore race isn't close.

But Manson backs Bush -- just like the conservatives at National Review do in their newest issue."


You poor thing 22.Apr.2003 15:04


Oh, Leftist Bitch, you're so sadly transparent. Your crush on Gringo is excruciating, isn't it, you poor little troll.

OK 22.Apr.2003 18:06


This is a little much. First of all, what do we gain by trying to force people into stupid little arbitrary categories? Most of these people seem to have made the list simply by being commercially successful as entertainers without publicly taking leftist political stands. I kind of doubt that most conservatives are deriving political aid and comfort from the support they get from Meat Loaf or Freddie Prinz, Jr.

I have my own opinions on the role of celebrity culture in American politics, but this is a ridiculous oversimplification.

Marilyn Manson, for example, does not "exploit the boredom of mass entertainment ofr purely capitalist reasons" any more than Pearl Jam or System Of A Down, who both make money (quite a bit of it) as entertainers in the same industry fueled by MTV consumerism and corporate record labels (Sony in both cases, if I'm not mistaken, the same company that put out Rage Against the Machine's records). Why are they not on the list? I suspect the difference is that these bands use the mass propagation of their work and the celebrity it incurs as a platform from which to spread their generally liberal and/or leftist political views by incorporating them into the artistic work which they sell as a consumer product. Marilyn Manson, I think you'll find if you listen to a few songs, actually incorporates a significant amount of social criticism into the music he sells, much of which focuses--albeit in a manner appropriate to the age group that is his major market, namely 13-17 year olds--on the mass media/entertainment complex from which he draws his income and the sociopolitical culture behind it. Hypocritical? Perhaps, but I wouldn't call him a conservative.
If you researched his comments about the 2000 presidential election, you'd discover that the explanation Manson gave for 'endorsing' Bush involved two major motivations:
1. He suggested that a hardline conservative government would have a net positive effect by giving oppositional cultural and political forces something to rally around, an idea one hears rather frequently from some radical anarchists and socialists
2. Al Gore, his wife, and his vice-presidential candidate are all well-known leaders in political groups that seek to place the blame for social problems in America on the proliferation of "harmful matter" in cinema, television, literature, and music and propose various forms of censorship as a solution. Manson himself has been a popular target for these groups and for Lieberman in particular. (I do think this is an extremely interesting point; I remember watching one of the uh, "debates" when a question was asked about the issue of 'harmful' content in entertainment, to which Gore responded with a convoluted and none-too-subtly fascist plan for making the film and music industries more "responsible". Bush answered with a less than eloquent but for him relatively impressive defense of the sanctity of free speech; not that he's distinguished himself as a civil libertarian, but I was sort of taken aback by his distinct and rather more principled-sounding rhetoric on that one particular issue)

Maybe we should all just take solace in the fact that we still have the Dixie Chicks on our side. I think I heard one of the wacky morning DJs on 101.1 FM (KUFO?) talking shit about Bush too, so don't give up on the entertainment industry just yet.

NOT NEIL!!!! 22.Apr.2003 20:56


Noy Neil Young!!! That ruined my fucking day.

What ever happened to:
After the goldrush
Keep on Rocking in the Free world?

Oh Neil...Im so saddened...

shit fuck goddam..

RE: Neil Young 22.Apr.2003 22:09

he's Canadian

for one thing [thus no particular 'allegiance' to America],

and for another,

he openly spoke out in *support* of Ronald Reagan during the 1980s.

Neil's a wonderful songwriter and musician, but . . .

When you endorse Bush for President... 22.Apr.2003 22:49

GRINGO STARS gringo_stars@attbi.com

...you are a conservative. That is a fact. Marilyn Manson, Neil Young, Johnny Ramone, all these rich people have a vested interest in a political party whose reason of existence is to protect the wealth of the rich.

I beg to differ one last time 23.Apr.2003 03:07


First of all, we haven't had a genuinely conservative president in this country since Dwight Eisenhower. These so-called Neo-'Conservatives' are something else entirely, more akin to Wilson and Kennedy in their delusions of grandeur than to any traditional conservative thinkers, who would have been opposed to massive military spending and foreign military adventurism, especially in the supposed interest of altruistically exporting democracy all over the world.

I really think it's disingenuous to label someone like Manson a conservative when he clearly isn't. His comments about Bush were obviously intended mostly as a provocation or publicity stunt, and the reasons he gave indicate that, rather than supporting Bush ideologically, he finds the conventional perception of Democrats as liberal and Republicans as conservative to be flawed. I fail to see what we gain from forcing people into narrow and flawed systems of categorization just because we think we can. No disrespect, but this seems like a rather unproductive endeavor.

These Neocons 23.Apr.2003 07:39


These Neocons make me long for the real conservatives.

You left something out 23.Apr.2003 08:05

The Redcoat

Avoid mass media period, and the problem will be solved.