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Hanford Budget & Clean-up Priorities Meeting

Folks will try to get budget figures and priorites for Hanford clean-up which have been hard to get for the last 2 years!! Pre-meeting info. at 6 p.m. for help with comments.
SEE CALENDAR: Hanford's annual (sometimes of late) budget and cleanup priorities meeting is a "Happening Event" in Portland, Oregon on Tuesday night, April 22 at the Oregon State Office Building at 800 NE Oregon St. from 7PM through 10 PM, with a citizens' informational Pre-meeting from 6 PM.

In the past 2 years the Administration has not provided us with budget figures and priority lists as in the past, giving us cause for frustrated indignation and outrage. This year we have vague, general dollar amounts that worry us for their inability to provide us with accountability and possibility for tracking compliance to the Tri-Party agreement.

You are invited to the meeting to listen attentively and discover if the "emperor" (the budget))has any clothes. 20/20 vision and psychic abilities are welcome to shed light on the matter. If you have any questions, feel free to ask them via this format (e-mail) or attend the meeting.

Notice: There will be more meetings in May too. Please be aware that we in Portland will be having a 3rd meeting (after 2 in July and August) of the Draft Solid Waste Environmental Impact Statement (Do we want waste trucked to Hanford from all over the country to be buried or "temporarily" stored at the site?) The overwhelming opinion of the public and the regulators was to go back and redraft the draft that was presented to us last summer. That has resulted in a 3,000 page document, including 3-4 inches of public comments.