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Good stories about public servants

As a balance to all the bad stuff we hear. There are also good people out there risking their lives for our safety. Hazmat response is dangerous!
By KING Staff and The Associated Press

Ninety-four workers were evacuated from a post office mail distribution facility in Tacoma after they discovered a powdery substance.

Preliminary tests indicate it is some sort of biotoxin, said Capt. Jolene Davis of the Tacoma Fire Department.

Postal inspector Jeff Scobba in Seattle would not identify the possible biotoxin, but he said it was not anthrax. The facility is closed while a National Guard unit from Fort Lewis is conducting more sophisticated tests. Scobba also says the powder will be tested at lab.

Fire crews received a call at about 12:45 a.m. Tuesday and evacuated the building at 4001 S. Pine Street, which is near the Tacoma mall.

Workers were evacuated from this building Tuesday morning. (KING Photo)

Workers that were in the immediate area were being held in two Pierce transit buses while hazardous materials crews examined the unknown substance.

Four employees had to be decontaminated with showers. Other workers went home.

No injuries were reported.

. 22.Apr.2003 09:47


most likely more dis-information to scare the population