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Cop Watching Crocodile Hunter Style.

Cop Watching Crocodile Hunter Style.
Recently, some people on this website have watched one too many episodes of the Crocodile Hunter on Animal Planet. You know that obnoxious aussie who runs around poking his nose where it doesn't belong, like in the face of a monitor lizard, or cheesecakes with spitting cobras, etc., the only redeeming quality about this guy is, that he is a poster boy for a getting a college education, so you don't have to earn a living the way he does.

Now the indy media crowd has decided that the Crocodile Hunter is their new tactician for how to confront members of the Law Enforcement Community.

When an officer is in the process of making an arrest, Indy1 and Indy2 will run right up to the officer, and while Indy1 turns on the Camcorder, Indy2 gets cheek to cheek with the cop and asks him to give his badge number, while he is cuffing the suspect.

Needless to say, this is a recipe for making an Indy Butt Sandwich that night at the county jail.

However Indy1 and Indy2 don't understand why they have been arrested, because they are sure they have the right to disrupt a police officer in his line of duty.

Instead of waiting until the suspect is handcuffed and in the police car, to approach the officer and ask for his name, and Badge #, etc. they feel they must walk right up and become a potential security threat, and making a general ass of themselves to boot.

So Mate, If ya theek yar in dar right, by all meeens ko far eeett thar Mate!
Indy Butt Sandwich? 21.Apr.2003 22:40

laslow the bimbo

more like an indy butt buffet!

Yikees 21.Apr.2003 22:57


wow, a college ed is all it takes, thank god! I don't have one, but it's nice to know it still matters.

Once again 21.Apr.2003 23:20


Once again, how many of you does it take? How much do we pay you? Come on, public knowledge...remember?

I'ma Trollll Man 22.Apr.2003 10:01


I think we've already discussed this in full, hhb. If you can't fathom it, that's your lack of mental prowess, not anyone else's. If you STILL don't get it, I will lay it out for you ONE more time. After that, I urge you to go back to swilling budweiser in front of the ol tube. If you can't be educated, at least you can be brainwashed, right?

So. Here goes. Police officers get paid by the public because, as the myth goes, they're here "to serve and protect" the public. They work for us. We have every right to hold them accountable for their actions. It is only through the actions of people willing to take this on that they are ever held to the standards one should expect of people who are allowed to carry lethal weapons and use them against American citizens.

Copwatching is not a crime, it is simply treated like one by police officers who resent being exposed as the brutal thugs that many of them are.

I suspect you would have preferred people did not see the videotapes of LA cops beating Rodney King (under the auspices of one Mark Kroeker). But they did. And the rest is history.

Perhaps you would have preferred that no one learn about the Chavez beating either. In fact, not seeing these images could have preserved the myth that African Americans are not targeted on a daily basis by racist police officers. Wasn't that a comfortable myth? Then you could tell yourself that any privileges you have that are not shared by African Americans are the result of your hard work and clean livin'. Not the result of endemic, systematic racism.

Just like you'd prefer to believe that the protesters on March 20th and March 25th deserved to be beaten, clubbed, and gassed by Portland's finest. Yes, in order to preserve your right to get your Big Mac in a timely manner, those uppity protesters needed to be smacked down. Never mind their first amendment rights. Commerce is at stake!

But, I digress. The truth is, as you know, Bison was not interfering with an officer. The officer felt his situation was not so pressing that he couldn't walk 35 feet away and harass a person for copwatching. The officer was at fault here, and nothing you can say can change that.

Basically, hhb, you are trying to throw people off the real issues here with a marvelous screen of ignorance. You think that if you just keep talking, you can bludgeon your way through any discussion. Not so, hhb. I'm already bored with you.

And just a post script here, keep your weird fantasies about the county jail to yourself. You're just embarrassing yourself. Really.

Police Officers Should Know Civilian Rights 22.Apr.2003 12:05

another taxpayer

A civilian should not have to explain their rights to law enforcement. Many officers seem to recognise the rights of the citizens that they have sworn to serve and protect, and recognise the paramount value of those rights.

Others demonstrate a poor understanding of law, and what their job and sworn duty actualy is. They seem to think that their job is to punish people, which is of course, the role of our judicial system. These officers are simply cowardly criminals that abuse the athority entrusted to them to apply their own twisted sense of justice. They are a menace to the public, and to their fellow officers, and they are standing on the wrong side of the bars.

They will be held accountable for their crimes, one way or another.

Cops doing their job... 23.Apr.2003 00:00


...protecting downtown merchants from you.
Cops doing their job...
Cops doing their job...

Thanks, Citizen 23.Apr.2003 08:30

For the pic

The above photo is a perfect example of what's wrong with the police. If you've been downtown during any anti-war protests, you've seen this. And you've seen the armed guards stationed outside the doors of Pioneer Place, Nordstroms, and the rest. They know what's really important, don't they.

It's us against them. And we're all beginning to know it.

Protecting Nike 23.Apr.2003 09:42


Storm troopers protecting Nike from protesters during a peaceful, permitted march.
Protecting Nike
Protecting Nike

protecting commerce at home and abroad 23.Apr.2003 10:42


Yeah, to keep the connection between the police and the military clear, about WHOSE interest they "protect and serve", I heard an interview with a guy in the army the othere day... on NPR I think it was, saying how he felt that the presence of U.S. troops in Colombia was really important, that they are serving a really useful purpose... to defend U.S. interests... by protecting the oil pipeline down there.

Quite the candid interview, didn't even need to be spun; the person's candor said it all.