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animal rights

World Week for Animals in Labs (WWAIL)

Please take 5 or 10 minutes each day to act in defense of animals lingering in laboratories. Each weekday during WWAIL, you can take one simple action to speak up for the hundreds of millions of monkeys, mice, dogs, cats and other animals who are being tortured behind locked doors. These lonely, terrified animals need your help right now.
World Week for Animals in Labs (WWAIL)
World Week for Animals in Labs (WWAIL)
WWAIL 4-21-2003

World Week for Animals in Laboratories (WWAIL) 2003

Monday, April 21 - March of Dimes

The March of Dimes (MOD) has funded research in which newborn kittens had their eyelids sewn shut in an attempt to study the effects of visual deprivation. MOD itself admits that this study yielded no clinically relevant advances. Additional MOD-funded experiments have included a variety of studies addicting animals to cocaine, alcohol, and nicotine, even though we have known for years that these substances can harm developing babies. While the March of Dimes has continued to sink money into questionable animal experiments, the real advances in birth defects research have come from human studies.

Please call or write the March of Dimes and tell them you not support any charity that funds animal experiments. There are more humane and more effective ways to improve human health which deserve your support.

March of Dimes National Office
1275 Mamaroneck Ave.
White Plans, NY 10605

National Office: 914-428-7100
Toll-Free: 888-99MARCH
Mother's March: 800-99MARCH

For more information about charities that don?t fund animal research or other information about why animal experiments don?t work, check out:

  • Physicians Committee for Responsible Medicine at pcrm.org
  • Or Americans for Medical Advancement at www.curedisease.com
  • March of Crimes - Instead of funding more prenatal care and other programs proven to have saved newborns and prevent birth defects, the March of Dimes wastes nearly a million dollars every year on cruel animal experiments. PETA has learned that the charity has given almost $200,000 to experimenters at the Oregon Regional Primate Research Center ?a laboratory notorious for its poor treatment of monkeys.

homepage: homepage: http://wwail.org/index.cgi?page=list_events

WWAIL.jpg 21.Apr.2003 14:17



will you take their place? 21.Apr.2003 14:27


Please, become human shields for the monkeys , rats and mice used for research! Have a heart for these lost little creatures and volunteer you very own body!! Call now or better yet, sign up a buddy on the viva la section website.

Get a clue

you're already in 'their place' 21.Apr.2003 14:40


since animal research is less reliable than a coin toss when extrapolated to humans. Idiot.

You see... 21.Apr.2003 16:53


i think Foad, and any others who may doubt the validity of acting out to stop Vivisection, should visit some of the links suggested in the original article, or perhaps doing their own research, before judging so harshly. Even people who couldn't give two shits about animal rights should take this matter to heart, due to the 100,000 HUMAN lives lost each year to drugs that have been tested to be safe on animals. Nearly another model for research is more valid and useful. The animal model is simply too flawed to be applied to valid medical research... just ask the National Cancer Institute, who spent 25 years and millions searching for anti-tumor drugs in animals, and not one new cure was found to be applicable to humans.

"The history of cancer research has been a history of curing cancer in the mouse... We have cured mice of cancer for decades--and it simply dosn't work in humans."
-Dr. Richard Klausner Director of the National Cancer Institute

Freedom for All.....

foad, even though you are a jerk ...... 21.Apr.2003 16:56


foad, even though I realize you are attempting to be a smart ass - your suggestion is one worth consideration. You, me and everyone else who wants to save animals can become tissue,cell and organ donors. Let them study the real thing and leave the animals out of it.

i do 21.Apr.2003 21:07


I give blood, platelets and I am an organ donor. shut your head

another way to stop this cruel act ... 17.Nov.2003 20:08


Why do not try something on those serial killers, "already lost people" condemned to death... asking them what do they prefer... to die of a lethal injection... or to try something that could be good to mankind... Anyway those individuals are going to die and their souls left them when they started to kill ....