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Refusing to recognize a temporary Iraqi government will be a step forward toward the death of the joint Arab action.
Ada'af al Imaan (Rejection)
Dawood Al Shirian, Dar Al-Hayat, 2003/04/20

Participants in the regional ministerial conference clung to the "necessity of the withdrawal of American and British troops from Iraq" while they did not suggest a practical solution to this effect. The ministers' declarations revealed rooted conflicts related to dealing with the temporary Iraqi government Washington intends to install in Baghdad. It was obvious that the conference failed to reach a clear vision that is considered, politically, a key factor for the Arab states to enter Baghdad and adopt a practical step to speed up with the ending of the American military presence in Iraq.

Adopting an ambiguous stance concerning this central issue will not prevent Iraq's neighboring states from helping Iraqis get rid of the occupation only but will complicate American-Arab relations and help Washington carry out its new plan in Iraq. Worsening therefore the regional political situation and seeking foreign parties' help to deal with the Iraqi issue. The simple Arab citizen has one question to ask his Arab governments: what's the difference between Mahmoud Abbas' (aka Abu Mazen) government which Arab states await impatiently, although it's being installed under Israeli occupation and with full cooperation between Tel Aviv and Washington, and Baghdad's government which will be established with or without Arab consent?

The fact that Arab states refuse to recognize an under-occupation Iraqi regime does not differ, in its bad effects, from their stance concerning the refusal of the Iraqi regime's change from outside and which was one of the justifications of Baghdad's tragic collapse. Both of the situations are based on rejection and lack practical and serious alternative, revealing therefore the absence of a future regional Arab perspective and granting America once again all the justifications to deal freely with Iraq and achieve its interests disregarding Arab ones. In addition, refusing to recognize a temporary Iraqi government will be a step forward toward the death of the joint Arab action.

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