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Stop old growth logging

Stop old growth logging tonight and tomorrow.
* Celebrate Earth Day by Canceling the Clark Timber Sale

Twenty-nine acres of old-growth forest are still slated to be logged any day at the Clark timber sale in the treasured Fall Creek watershed. There are three upcoming events that have been put together to get the last of the sale canceled.

Sunday, April 20: Campout at the Clark timber sale (Fall Creek)
Monday, April 21: Banner making at Growers for Earth Day rally at Zippo
Tuesday, April 22: Earth Day rally at Zippo Log Mills (6th/Garfield). Ride your bike and meet at the mill at 1 pm. Rally at the mill and urge Zippo to get out of the sale. Critical Mass bike ride to the Federal Building afterward to rally for old-growth protection. Spread the word.

If you can't make any of these events, make a call or two and help cancel this old-growth logging out at Fall Creek. Call Rick Scott (District Ranger) 541.782.2291 or Jim Hallstrom (purchaser at Zippo Log Mills) 541.343.7758. They have been getting lots of calls lately, so keep them up!

For more information, contact Josh 541.434.1463.
Solidarity Tree-sit in Downtown Eugene 21.Apr.2003 10:49



Show your solidarty wtih World Tree Climbing Day, Fall Creek Tree-Sit 5th Anniversary, and Earth day by joining the banner making party @ growers market and hanging them acrss the street at Shelton-McMurphy House at an on-going tree-sit/demonstration/cafe-anarquista/ carnival to contest the citys insistence on denuding skinner's butte in Eugene