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World Tree-sit Day kicks off early in Eugene,Oregon

World Tree-sit Day kicks off early in Eugene,Oregon
Link to Article @ Tree-sit.org


Activist Mike McCarthy is right now occupying a tree in front of the Shelton McMurphy house on Skinners Butte as of 11:00 pm sunday night(4-20-2003) in protest of proposed cutting of several trees.He will be available for interviews on site monday. McCarthy has been discussing this issue with city parks staff and feels he must call this to the attention of the community. More updates on the situation as news comes in
A little background 21.Apr.2003 10:39


These are the same trees Ferret Mike saved from being cut last year after Mike set up a tree-sit and occupied them. Now evidently Eugene Mayor James "tree-butcher" Torrey has decided they must go. The tree he is in is a sweet Sweet Gum, and the other threatened trees are Incense Cedars and a huge apple trees. This is a nice start to World Tree-Sit Day, scheduled for april 26th. We will update as news comes in. For current news about World Tree-Sit Day check www.tree-sit.org

Ain't no power like the power of the treeple 21.Apr.2003 10:54


Good job treeple! Hope alot of treeple participate in World Tree-sit day. What a great idea. I hope these trees can be saved.

The truth 21.Apr.2003 10:58


torrey is toxic