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Winning the Peace game

Winning the Peace game is no different than winning any other game. We just have to be the best player in the game. The article explains the game theory and the players, and offers a look at the first moves of success in the game.
The comments on the failures of the peace movement so far seem to devolve into analyses of why the movement failed to stop the war, but there are few suggestions that involve game theory, so I write my piece.

Game theory says that in any game, and the Bushies ARE gamesters, some of the best, the rules are announced in advance and then the game is played. If rule infractions occur, there is either a mechanism for dealing with that, or one is developed, or the game ends in chaos.

Bushies play by the rules that they set. Their rules are easy to learn: they are all based on power politics. Bushies have the Presidency, the Supreme court and both houses of Congress in their pockets. Most pundits of this process predicted that the Bushies would make their first big move by hammering on their views of social mores, i.e. abortion, school prayer, etc. They were taken by suprise that the Bushies' first big initiative was international and involved war.

What we have to realize, and the signs were there all along for us to see had we not been so blind, is that the full-scale commercialization of the world is in progress. The European Union had a jump on us, but under Bush, we are starting to catch up. What commercialization does is remove all the humanist elements from government. The entire government exists to allow people, chosen people, to make money by means of government functions. Under this form of government, all the rules will be re-written for profit motive, and all other motives of government will become obsolete. War is essential in this system, because it does two things: first it allows a mobile modern army to take in months what couldn't be done in decades by other means, and it intimidates the opposition.

The future of this game is not clear yet. It has two separate outcomes possible. The first is that the Bushies win, and extend US commercial hegemony deeper into the outside world. The second is that the European Union decides to play the game seriously, becomes an evenly-matched opponent, and eventually beats the US both commercially and militarily, and we become the commercial colony of Europe (more than we are already).

So you, the reader, wants to get involved? Well, then, join the game! You can't play by your own rules, as all late players into any game have to accept the rules that the game is already being played by. This means that Black Bloc tactics aren't part of the game, can't win the game, and will be marginalized as common crimes and not political machinery.

How you join the game is by taking over the player's seat of an established player. That is the seat of the Democratic Party, which has always had a seat at this game, but passes every time it gets a turn to play. We have to take back the Democratic Party and make it into a powerful, humanist-based player. We then have to dismantle the Bushie system from the inside, power bloc by power bloc. If we accomplish this, we inherit the commercial hegemony that the Bushies established while they were in control. That is the danger point for the humanist players. At that time, they have to decide whether they are going to simply modify the commercial empire to suit themselves (as Clinton was doing), or dump it in favor of pure humanism and enter conflict with the Europeans (and/or the Chinese, who might have built themselves up into a major commercial player by that time).

We can babble on forever in about tactics in this forum, or we can connect with the rules of the game, organize and begin to play. Move #1: take some people, attend your local Democratic Precinct Committee monthly meeting, or call for one if there is none scheduled. Take over that Committee by sheer numbers. Repeat process until the humanist-based peace people are in control of the Democratic Party throughout the City. Move #2: Run a decent candidate and boot out the Kitsch-Katz and her followers, all commercial-based Democrats. Declare Portland a Humanist city, and repeat nationally. See the pattern here?

This game can be won, but it has to start small, locally, and legally. Demonstrations are fine, but should be aimed at our Democratic politicians from this point on.

The Watchman, just defined the game, again.