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Peace Camp needs your help!

Peace Camp across from the Mayor's office needs your help. From what I could tell from my most recent visits, they need hot food and your company. Even if you can spend a couple hours down there, please do.
I recently made time to go down to the peace camp and hang out with some amazing folks. Todd and Glen, among the other peace camp participants, are hanging in there to send a message of peace...a message that says we're not going away just because Bush and his boys say it's over.

The current effort in US aggression abroad might appear to be over, but we all know where Bush is going. So many countries...so little time left in his administration to become their new dictator.

I also want to remind people that Bush is waging a war right here at home, from police brutality to "improved" versions of the Patriot Act...laws that have the potential to land all of our butts in the nearest detention center for years.

Please show your support for peace home and abroad. Visit the peace camp whenever you have time.

I'm on my way down to the peace camp for a couple hours now.
The Portland Peace Encampment!!!! 21.Apr.2003 10:12


The Portland Peace Encampment is continuing its 24 hour vigil across
City Hall at SW 4th and Jefferson.

With the drier weather this weekend, we invite anyone to stop by and
their views on war and peace. We welcome all views for a lively and
constructive discussion. We have become quite skilled at having
discussions on the question war, peace and justice. Bring a chair and
sit a
spell. Bring your favorite protest sign, too.

As our mission statement states: "We are the Portland Peace Encampment,
diverse group of individuals building community to demonstrate our
rights as
people to speak and gather together. We are the voices and faces who
support non-violent resolutions in solidarity with the world community.
will maintain a 24 hour vigil until American bombs stop dropping."

Hot food, drink and monetary donations are always welcome.
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