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Syria considers Saddam responsible for occupation of Iraq

"the ousted head of the former Iraqi regime dragged Iraq into the whirlpool of civil and foreign wars during his 30 years at the office, which had no benefit, save for the great losses of the human and material losses of the Iraqi and other nations, and an unjust long set of crushing U.N. sanctions, that were mainly against the Iraqi nation."
Syria considers Saddam responsible for occupation of Iraq
Islamic Republic News Agency, Iran

Damascus, April 20, IRNA -- Syria once again on Saturday night emphasized that the top officials of the ousted Iraqi regime, plus and particularly Saddam Hussain himself, are responsible for all miseries suffered by the Iraqi nation, and for the occupation of Iraq by US-British forces.

Head of the Foreign Relations and Information Bureau of the Syrian Ministry of Foreign Affairs Ms. Bathina Sha'ban, in an article published in Syria's state owned Tishrin newspaper, published on the occasion of Syria's Independence day -- April 17, 1946 -- took a severe snipe at the top officials of the ousted Iraqi regime for the troubles they have caused not only for the Iraqis!

Sha'ban's article seems to be an indirect response to the incessant US accusations against Damascus on its accused support for Saddam's ousted regime.

In her article titled 'The Day the Last Foreign Soldier Was Kicked out of Syria' Sha'ban writes, "We are celebrating the Independence Day of Syria this year amid ambivalent feelings of joy and sadness, since the colonizers' soldiers have once again occupied an Arab country."

This Syrian official considers the recent developments in Iraq as "a full scale catastrophe" and meanwhile "a lesson that should teach the Arab and Islamic world leaders a lot".

She further on reiterates, "we do not underestimate the lonizers' capabilities and modern military facilities, but let us not forget also that there were other factors involved in paving the way for the catastrophic military occupation of Iraq."

The Syrian diplomat writes, "the ousted head of the former Iraqi regime dragged Iraq into the whirlpool of civil and foreign wars during his 30 years at the office, which had no benefit, save for the great losses of the human and material losses of the Iraqi and other nations, and an unjust long set of crushing U.N. sanctions, that were mainly against the Iraqi nation."

Ms. Sha'ban argues that Iraq's second largest oil reserves in the world will during the next few months be turning the rusted wheels of the the US economy, while Saddam's regime kept the Iraqis, that could be among he wealthiest nations in the world at the rock-bottom low level of poverty and imposed endless miseries against them.

The Syrian official at the end poses a sensitive question: "Can the Syrian nation and government under the pressure of the current ough situation strongly and effectively defend the motherland?"

She has eventually asked the Syrian nation to forget about their personal interests for the time being, and to give topmost priority to the motherland's integrity and independence.

homepage: homepage: http://www.irna.com/en/head/030420032822.ehe.shtml

IRNA... 20.Apr.2003 13:36

this thing here

... so i'm surfing the IRNA news site...

i'm looking for specific, physical info that would prove (or help me to believe) that there is such as a thing as IRNA. an actual, physical thing such as IRNA. but i coudn't find an address anywhere, in tehran, or london, or paris, or l.a. or a phone number.

this IRNA site claims to have a "College of Media Studies", or something, where students can take classes in journalism, and get credits. fine. so, how do i apply to get into this college? and where in this vast 3 dimensional universe is this college? if i mailed in an application, where would i mail it to? what's the x,y, and z coordinate?

the IRNA website had no answers for those questions.

there's also no way to contact the IRNA staff.

there's a "contact us" button, but when you press it, no new page pops up.

the only thing they offer is an e-mail address. anyone wanna put their e-mail on a list?

so, is IRNA an actual functioning news agency composed of living breathing human journalists that is to be believed? or is it a sham and a front? maybe the person who's posting these could help me out...

About IRNA 20.Apr.2003 14:24

Islamic Republic News Agency irna@irna.com

The Islamic Republic News Agency in Retrospect

The Islamic Republic News Agency (IRNA) was established in 1934 by the Foreign Ministry of Iran as the country's official national news outlet. For the next six years it operated under the Iranian Foreign Ministry working to disseminate national and international news. Pars Agency, as it was then known, published a bulletin twice a day in French and in Persian which it circulated among government officials, international news agencies in Tehran and the local press.

In May 1940, the General Tablighat Department was founded and the agency then became an affiliate of the department organizationally.

Agence France Press (AFP) was the first international news agency whose reports Pars Agency used. Gradually, the Iranian news agency expanded its sources of news stories to include those of Reuters, the Associated Press (AP) and the United Press International (UPI). An agreement with the Anatolia News Agency of Turkey further expanded the agency's news outlets to countries worldwide. The link-up also enabled it to provide classified bulletins to a limited number of high-ranking public officials.

It was in 1954 that Pars Agency made a significant move forward. It recruited better-educated people thereby improving its professional services while continuing to avail of dispatches of international newsagencies. It also went on air with radio broadcasts of international
news which it translated into Persian and offered to subscribers locally.

Expanding further in news coverage, it operated under the supervision of various state offices and ministries such as the Ministry of Culture, Ministry of Post, Telegraph and Telephones, Office of the Prime Minister and the Labor Ministry until 1947. In 1957, the General Department of Tablighat fell under the supervision of the Publications Department of Tehran Radio as an independent department.

In 1963 the Information Ministry was created and activities of Pars Agency was brought under this ministry. Its name was changed to `Pars News Agency,' or PANA, which then began operating 'round the clock.

In July 1975 a bill was passed by the country's legislature which established the Ministry of Information and Tourism and changed the status of Pars News Agency to a joint public stock with capital assetsof about 300 million rials. It then became an affiliate of the new ministry. Its Articles of Association in 23 paragraphs and notes were adopted by the then National Consultative Assembly of Iran.

After the triumph of the Islamic Revolution in February 1979 the revolution's council, in June 1979, decided to rename the Ministry of Information and Tourism to the National Guidance Ministry (or Ministry of National Guidance). This was followed in December, 1981 bya bill passed by the Islamic Consultative Assembly (Majlis) changing the name of the country's official news agency from Pars News Agency to Islamic Republic News Agency.


See also the site map:  http://www.irna.com/en/sitemap/index.shtml

yes, fine. 20.Apr.2003 16:17

this thing here

i know.

i read all that. but it doesn't answer my questions.

and i have serious doubts about the claim that IRNA is the "official" news agency of iran, given that country's theocratic dictatorship. it doesn't make sense. perhaps things in iran are not that bad? perhaps the government in iran is far, far less authoritarian than the iraqi government under saddam? almost democratic you might say? is that what explains the freedom with which these pro-western and american friendly pieces are written and posted to the internet in persian, arabic and english?

either IRNA is the official iranian news agency, the iranian government is not a theocratic dictatorship, life in iran is almost democratic, and the iranian press is free to write pro-western pieces, OR someone has invented a fake news agency with it's own fake history and fake website, from which fake pieces can be disseminated as propaganda supporting a pro-western agenda. (which, by the way, is not that hard to do...)

keep in mind, i'm not at all suggesting that iranians shouldn't have a more democratic government. i'm just a little suspicious of these articles, their messages, their timing, and where they are coming from, based on my understanding of present day iran.

good question... 20.Apr.2003 17:23


and on the bottom of that "history" page, it says:

last Update Sunday, 07-Jan-2001 02:40:28 PST

So, why are they using Pacific Standard Time?

Why not find out? 20.Apr.2003 18:01

thingie irna@irna.com

Why not find out for yourself? You can ask them directly ... but then you'd have an answer, and you're not really interested in anything but casting suspicion.


yeah... 21.Apr.2003 08:06

this thing here

... i'm the guy who never wants the answers...

hmm, so why do you think i ask so many questions?

so the official news agency of the state of iran has no address or phone number...

would you send your e-mail address to them? it's not that i don't want the answers, it's just that due to certain suspicions i have regarding IRNA, i'd like to keep mine private. if they are legit, why don't you send them an e-mail for me asking them specifically: "what is the address of your office and what is the phone # of your office?" and post the answer right here. and if i see a legit answer, i'll take it from there...

Passing the buck 21.Apr.2003 11:50

you seek to discredit all you disagree with

What a load of crap. If you really want the answers to your questions, you can always ask a reliable source what they know of IRNA.

You have a talent for not addressing your questions to the people who will provide you with the answers. Why is that?

what the fuck do you know about my talent? 21.Apr.2003 12:25

this thing here

>If you really want the answers to your questions, you can always ask a reliable source what they know of IRNA.<

i can always ask a reliable source... hmmm, who might that be? WHAT reliable source? what the hell is that supposed to mean?

"passing the buck". i'm sorry you had to take it like that.
and believe me, if i could sit down with the president, i would have a whole lot of questions to ask him, and that way i wouldn't bother you so damn much with questions you can't answer.