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PLEASE ACT NOW: Boycott for Peace - let the corporations know!

A little sleuthing on Google gave me these individual emails (real people) for major companies being targeted in the Boycott. These are the VPs, CEOs, and spin doctors of the greedy creeps that donate their dollars to Bush and his cronies year after year. Just spend the five minutes it takes to email these lovely folks, and we'll have 'em all shaking in their $800 cowboy boots (see my sample letter for inspiration).
PLEASE ACT NOW: Boycott for Peace - let the corporations know!
PLEASE ACT NOW: Boycott for Peace - let the corporations know!
Boycott Targets: Company Contacts & Sample Letter

Top Boycott Targets: Company Contacts & Sample Letter (below)



Kathy Knuth, Senior Director, Corporate Affairs 847- 646-2666 Email: kknuth@kraft.com

Also: pr@kraft.com


Randy Howard, Vice President - Engineering, Phone: (713) 656-9477 L.Randy.Howard@exxonmobil.c om

Also: click here

Walmart Stores:

H. Lee Scott, Walmart CEO Email: hlscott@wal-mart.com

Also: public@wal-mart.com, letters@wal-mart.com


Kelly McAndrew, Public Relations Director (914) 767-7690 Kelly.McAndrew@pepsi.com

Also: Shareholder.Relations@pep si.com


Alan Kleier, Vice President, Chevron/Texaco E & P Inc., (915) 687-7100, kleieaa@chevrontexaco.com

Also: invest@chevrontexaco.com

Just for fun (write your own letters/comments to these lucky fellows):

Craig Floyd, Senior Vice President-USA, Halliburton Energy Services, Phone: (281) 575-4473 craig.floyd@halliburton.com

Jeff Berger, Press Relations, Bechtel Corp. jhberger@bechtel.com

Sample letter (please customize - make it personal!):


I am writing this letter in order to let you know that I no longer intend to buy any of your products so long as the U.S. continues its reckless international policies and continues to destabilize International accords and relationships. Your Company made significant donations to the current members of this administration who chose to start a war on foreign soil without UN approval.

While this is not directly your doing, I have chosen to exercise my power as a consumer. This is how it works: you made your choices, Bush made his choices, and now I'm making mine.

Please, withdraw your financial and political support from this administration. In 2003-4, I ask you to reconsider the nature and distribution of your donations, including PACs. If Bush is reelected with your support, I will continue to boycott your products. In this event, it is likely that widespread boycotts of your products will continue to grow.


homepage: homepage: http://www.stopspending.org

Another method 20.Apr.2003 06:57

The Redcoat

How about, in addition to boycotting, devide and conqour. Buy from only the least offensive businesses, undercut the big offenders by supporting their competition. The investors will abandon the offensive corporations like a sinking ship. What a nightmare that would be for them.