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New PDX IMC Site: Training will cover it

The training tonight @ 7pm Reed College Educational Technology Center Building Room 211 will cover the functioning of the new portland site to debut in a week or so.
From an earlier post:
The training will be flexible and try to answer questions/desires of the attendees, as well as connect participants to various indymedia activities they can partake in after the training.

We will cover:
The concept of indymedia
The sites
Uploading multimedia
The new pdx-imc site!

homepage: homepage: http://www.portland.indymedia.org/front.php3?article_id=59568&group=webcast

what? 16.Apr.2003 11:41


Is Portland Indymedia going somewhere? is it a seperate website or just a site move or what?

where pdx indy is going 16.Apr.2003 12:25


the portland indymedia website is going to be launched in a week to ten days. (yes people have been saying that for a while, but this time it's for real. i've been helping and can see that it's finally really close!)

the new website is gonna be pretty freaking stellar. it will definitely have the best functionality of any site in the global network, with topic pages, a new calendar, a working search engine, and much more.

the new site will have regional sections as well, so that you can more easily view eugene news, or astoria news, or whatever. it's gonna rock!

Will there? 16.Apr.2003 13:07

Trilox Woodsman

Will there be a section where right minded people can share their views and debate subjects or is this site still just for socialits and left-wing anti-capitalists? The reason I'm asking is because we are censored by the mainstream media and then sites like this as well so I'm wondering if the mantra "don't hate the media -- become the media!" is for everyone in Oregon or just the anarchist elite?

A place for 'right mided' folks 16.Apr.2003 13:17


Trilox, there are lots of places on the web for right-wingers. Start by tuning into Fox or any other "mainstream" media. Go to freerepublic.com for debate. The right wing has taken over. Today, Ghengis Khan would be considered a centrist.

Dear Trilox 16.Apr.2003 14:55


It will just be for the anarchist elite.

However, as supreme arbiter of all things anarchists, I am now accepting applications for membership in the anarchsit elite. Everyone is strongly encouraged to apply.

Except for you, Trilox. I think it would be a waste of your time.


You don't understand... 16.Apr.2003 18:42

Trilox Woodsman

"Start by tuning into Fox or any other "mainstream" media."

Actually, I consider these news outlets to be centrist at best. Needless to say, I would have to say that all of you godless commie anarchists have something in common with myself. We both share radical views but it just so happens that mine are 360 degrees to yours. I'm not truly happy with the current administration but its better than the alternative I must say.

That said, why shouldn't the extreme right be given time to express their views here? At this point its on someone elses dime but what if I was to contribute and volunteer? Would that make a difference or does the Indymedia motto a meaningless phrase?

Trig Lesson 16.Apr.2003 21:57


Trilox writes, "We both share radical views but it just so happens that mine are 360 degrees to yours."

If your views were 360 degrees to mine, they would be the same. It's more like your views are 180 degrees from mine(opposite). As such, I would tend to consider you a reactionary, definitely not a radical.

What do you think that the IndyMedia motto is? At the top of each page, it says, "indymedia provides grassroots, non-corporate coverage of major issues and events." Since when do you do any of this? All I ever see you do is post right-wing responses to others' posts (I'll refrain from calling them attacks, but that's the way I see it). Where is the original news, opinion, or essay?

It's already been suggested that if you want a conservative debate, they're to be had on freerepublic.com. Since we already have freerepublic.com (and others not mentioned), why try to turn IndyMedia into a conservative discussion forum?

Wrong 17.Apr.2003 13:54

Trilox Woodsman

Yeah, I should have said 359 degrees because 180 would be a fence sitting centrist. I stand corrected...