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Vandals at the gates

American refinement of taste.
Vandals at the gates
Vandals at the gates
The barbarisms of Americans are legendary-- probably the result of our origins in the European lower classes.

Here is the New York Times displaying our triumph over history, culture and taste.
Huh? 16.Apr.2003 10:33


I liked the photos of the Baath party torture cells better.
Did you lose your copies?

Those were good, too 16.Apr.2003 15:28


Did your mother teach you to put your dirty boots on the furniture?

No 16.Apr.2003 16:22


Don't blame the lower classes...that is elitist drivel. He does look like a vandal, though...


Maybe he's just tired 16.Apr.2003 21:25


Maybe he's just tired and this is the first cushioned surface he's been able to sleep on in weeks. Not everything is political despite the way people like to frame them.