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Did CNN Turn Up The Boos During Michael Moore's Speech?

Did CNN alter the audio during Michael Moore's speech to make it sound like he was getting heavily booed?
<a href=" http://www.lisarein.com/michaelmoore/michaelmoorecompare.html">Here is a page</a> posits that CNN altered the audio of Michael Moore's speech to make it sound like more people were booing him than actually were. There are video and audio clips... judge for yourself!

Not only that 16.Apr.2003 10:07


If you look at the video of the audience, you can see most people either applauding or looking around at other people. You can't really see anyone booing.

It appears to me like they planted "boo-ers" to do this. After all, the images people see, the stories they hear, are very important in either manufacturing or destroying consent. The government was well aware of the fact that millions of people worldwide would be watching the oscar presentation. Equally important, they knew very well that some people planned to use the opportunity to speak out against the war.

Anyone who knows about the history of cointelpro and other pathetic attempts of the US govt to deceive it's own people would not be surprised to learn that the US govt and corporate interests planted hecklers at the oscars.

the story 16.Apr.2003 10:33

Dot Warner

Microphones are set-up on the sides of the stage to record applause of the audience.

Look at film of the event to see the audience looking to the sides of the stage to see exactly who was booing.

The stage-hands (read: redneck teamsters) were the ones closet to the mics during Moore's speech and were the ones booing.

Hence, host Steve Martin commented that after his speech, "the teamsters were helping Micheal Moore into the trunk of his limo"