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HIDDEN WARS OF DESERT STORM video showing/benefit

VIDEO SHOWING/BENEFIT including HIDDEN WARS OF DESERT STORM and Cascadia Summer video and Indy Police Brutality footage
Fri 7pm @ The Know 2026 NE Alberta sliding fee $4-10 proceeds go to Cascadia Summer(which really needs it!)

Come witness capitalism and government join hands to put profit above all else...
To draw connections between wars of aggression and the destruction of our environment, this video is being shown as a benefit for Cascadia Summer. It's evermore important that we all recognize the connection between war, brutality at home, and destruction of the environment. Let us all remember that the system that is dropping bombs on families is the system that is waging war on working class people of the world is the same system that is using police brutality to shelter itself from the dissent of the people is the same system that is raping our forests. That system is capitalism. We are being attacked from all sides. Now, more than ever, we must be united in our struggles. Come learn what the system doesn't want you to know(while you still can).

Hidden Wars summary
On August 2, 1990 Saddam Hussein launched his troops against Kuwait, triggering the first major international crisis of the post-Soviet Union era. But, was this invasion a suprise in the first place? Were all diplomatic means really utilized to try to resolve the issue peacefully? Was there any threat from the part of Iraq against Saudi Arabia or any of the other Gulf states? Why wasn't Washington's rhetoric against Saddam ever matched by any real support to the Iraqi opposition groups? What purpose can the embargo over Iraq serve if it is not to weaken Saddam Hussein, a result it has evidently failed to achieve to this day? What is behind this mysterious "Gulf War Syndrome" that goes on affecting thousands of Gulf War veterans and local populations and more and more of them every day? A two-year investigation,"Hidden Wars of Desert Storm" brings answers to all of these questions based on documents never before seen on television and backed by interviews of such prominent personalities as Deset-Storm Commander General Norman Schwarzkopf, former Attorney General Ramsey Clark, former UN Iraq Program Director Dennis Halliday, former UNSCOM team-leader Scott Ritter and many others. A large selection of archival footage, moving images recently brought back from Iraq, an original sound-track scored by accalaimed composer Fritz Heede and narration by two-time British Academy Award winner, Actor John Hurt, all contribute to making "Hidden Wars of Desert Storm" fast-pased, informative, and emotionally impactful.
I'll Be There 16.Apr.2003 09:11


This sounds like a great event. Good to hear people making the connection between systems of oppression. Yes, it's all the same. The same forces that drove the US to kill and butcher Iraqi's for their oil are also driving the destruction of the last forests. And the police brutality we see on the streets of Portland is another cog in that wheel. They couldn't keep ripping off all the resources at whatever cost if they didn't have scary, uniformed, armed assholes to keep us down in the streets at home.

Good Idea 16.Apr.2003 09:33

See u there

The forests are disappearing forever because of greed and capitalism. Market forces and a nation blinded by consumption allow small, greedy entrepeneurs to move into an area, strip it of it's forests and value, take the spoils and run. Because of the way the system operates, these same timber barons are able to co-opt the working class people in those areas even as they destroy their lands.

The poor and working class people in rural areas see logging and mill work as a way to earn a decent living. They think the timber barons are there to help them. What they don't see is that, while they are doing all the hard and dangerous work, the barons are exploiting them and their ignorance. Even more important, as they are forced to cut the forests at an unsustainable rate, the value of their land and their way of life is being eroded as surely as is the earth under the clear cuts. The timber barons don't care about them, they only care about profit. As soon as the forests in the area are gone -- and it doesn't take long -- the jobs are gone, the value of the land is gone, the barons are gone, and the unemployed loggers and their children and their children's children are left with nothing.

This system is fueled by avarice and greed. The greed of the capitalists, the willingness of the loggers to look the other way and take part in the destruciton of their own habitats in order to make a quick buck.

And yes, the same system is at work on other levels. The US just went stomping into Iraq with designs on oil for a few already filthy rich oil barons. The soldiers looked the other way, hollering words like "freedom" and "democracy," all the while knowing those ideals have nothing to do with the reasons the US started this bloody war. Most US people were willing to look the other way because they thought they could get cheap oil out of the deal (won't they be surprised!), or because they were so pathetically brainwashed by the system they didn't bother to question it.

Those who did take to the streets to question things were summarily beaten back by armed government troops -- affectionately known here in town as "portland's finest." This happened all over the world.

There's another connection here too: In recent years, environmental activists like the people at CFA have been making a difference, all over the world. A BIG difference. People are questioning blind consumption, they are rising up everywhere to stop the capitalist machine from destroying everything that's left. People are fighting back.

Suddenly, the nation is awash in "anti-terrorism" measures. IS it a coincidence that the only people to be seriously pursued under these measures so far have been environmental and animal rights activists? Is it a coincidence that the government has been attempting to demonize these groups for years with the label "eco-terrorists"?

Yes, there's definitely a link between what's happening in Iraq, what's happening in the forests, and what's happening on the streets of Portland. I think they should also show the videos about the police riots in PDX at this benefit. I'm going to be there, either way.

I never thought of that 16.Apr.2003 10:26


You know, I never thought about the connection between war and environmental destruction before. It does make sense. The conumption of more resources than we need leads to a market for both more and more forests and more and more oil. As long as we keep buying this stuff, making people rich for selling us stuff we don't really need, mercenaries will be going into the forests and foreign lands to steal what we buy, and to kill people who try to stop them.

In Support 16.Apr.2003 10:29


I can't think of a more worthy cause than CFA. Not only that, but this sounds like an interesting show.

Picture for above 16.Apr.2003 10:52


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