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Cascadia Summer and CFA benefits Thursday and Friday

Upcoming events to benefit Cascadia Forest Alliance and Cascadia Summer
Thursday, April 17th Cascadia Forest Revueme join us as we celebrate the cancellation of the Eagle Creek timber sales and the life of Beth O'Brien, aka Horehound, who gave her life in the defense of our drinking water and native public lands. Music by DiggaBone will procede a presentation of what activists can do to join into the Cascadia Summer Campaign to End Commercial Logging on Public Lands this summer using non-violent civil disobedience. 8pm, Burlingame Pizza, 111 SW Ash, $3-10 no one turned away. For more info call 503-241-4879

Friday, April 18th Cascadia Summer Benefit/Video Showing Come out to a video showing of the Hidden Wars of Desert Storm and the PDX indy video collective's Cascadia Summer video. Come learn what the corporate media won't tell you about America and Iraq. It's important that we all recognize the connection between war, brutality at home, and destruction of the environment. That connection is: Capitalism. 7pm at The Know on NE 21st and Alberta. $4-10 w/ 75% going to Cascadia Summer. to help prevent the destruction of the last remaining native forests on our public lands in the Pacific Northwest.

Things are heating up! 16.Apr.2003 11:09

Another volunteer

I would just like to say that as we all emerge from the Winter doldrums, we live in a beautiful world, and we have an important milestone to commemorate. The cancellation of the Eagle Creek timber sale after three years of direct action protest was unprecedented. As far as I'm concerned it came out of nowhere - it came months after Bush's corporate timber "environmental reviewers" had basically acknowledged the unaccounted-for environmental costs of the sale, and then blown them off. Fall Creek in Eugene is about to celebrate its 5th year of active resistance. I couldn't believe the sale was going to be cancelled, it seemed to good to be true. A lot of people were skeptical, they didn't want to come out of the trees until the ink was on the paper. And then Horehound fell out of the tree, and then it all made sense. A life for a forest.

There are costs to our best work, and to connection between effort and result remain remarkably obscure. You can work in a good direction, and often the results your hoping for don't materialize, but then all sorts of unanticipated good things happen. That is the magic inherent to an activism which doesn't claim to be governed by the hard rules of science or economics. We really don't know how it works, neither do the powers-that-be, or they would just do what it took to eliminate our effectiveness, without scaring the entire population with war and revokations of our constitutional rights. The tide is going to be turning some day, and soon we are going to be out in the forest protecting the last scraps of healthy forest biodiversity from the encroaching maw of our "Western civilization", and so are the hundreds of people all over the country who have heard about Cascadia Summer so far.

Please come to the Revue, the Hidden Wars video showing, or the Eagle Creek hike on May 3rd