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USA #2

Put some brown in the RED, WHITE and BLUE
If you're still using toilet paper, you're part of the problem. Wipe your ass with the American flag, but wash the flag first.

USA #2.

Go, Go, Go!
Hate speech 16.Apr.2003 09:01


Your post is hate speech and it should be composted.

I would remind the troll who posted this 16.Apr.2003 09:41

Leroy Brown

that our enemy is not America.
Our enemy is GWB and our government.

After you finish wiping your ass on them you can piss on them too.

That's Nice... 16.Apr.2003 10:26


...now can we get some intelligent discussion going?

Compost this now 16.Apr.2003 17:39


I vote for composting this article as it expresses national hatred.