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GM stops making electric car

Could it be that the public is not ready for this?
SACRAMENTO, California (AP) -- The celebrated ride of the car that spawned the nation's toughest emissions regulation ends at a parking lot in Southern California, where a growing fleet of General Motors electric cars awaits an uncertain fate.

Dozens of the green, metallic blue and bright red futuristic autos are lined up behind a chain-link fence at the edge of a freight rail line in Van Nuys, a sure sign the world's largest automaker has pulled the plug on a vehicle it heralded as recently as two years ago as "the car of the future."

As California retreats from its strict pollution regulation, GM is taking the cars off the road when leases expire because it can no longer supply parts to repair them, said GM spokesman Dave Barthmuss.

The automaker is shipping the cars to museums and universities for preservation, sending them to a research lab in New York, "cannibalizing" them for parts for the few still on the road, or scrapping them...

homepage: homepage: http://www.cnn.com/2003/TECH/biztech/04/09/electric.cars.ap/index.html

They're going with hydrogen now. 16.Apr.2003 20:12


GM is positioning itself to move into hydrogen powered cars. They have currently spent over 1 billion dollars on the program and are betting that hydrogen will be the wave of the future. I hope so, it's only exhaust is water clean enough to drink. Hydrogen gas is also the most abundant substance in the universe.