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No Homeland Security Funds

So, the White House has decided that Portland is not enough of a threat to recieve homeland security funds.
I guess we should all be mourning the loss, except, possibly, without all that pork that Vera and her piggies thought they would receive, maybe we won't have too many more repeats of the August 22 (et al) violence. Maybe now, we can try for a little tranquility here in little Beirut, and the piggies will go back to doing what they do best, harassing campers and eating donuts.
Guess Gordon's not as good a pork collector as Vera thought.
Homeland Security 16.Apr.2003 08:52


When there is nothing to lose, there is nothing to secure.

Oregon is in the final stages of conversion to third world status in which all natural resources are drained to the financial centers, and all human resources become slaves to the capitalists.

Still, the main losers are all those would-be power brokers who got sucked in by the irrational exuberance of the last couple of decades. Goodbye, middle class.

The serfs are just where they were before this all started.

Homeland Security? What is there to secure?

The terrorists want what? Shut down Portland and you have done exactly what to the US economy?

No homeland sec.? 16.Apr.2003 17:19

Alex Zeisberg Guitarfreak2910@aol.com

Well now.....(.) (.)

No homeland security. Since it was the "homeland" security that shut down the Portland Peace Camp and now there is no homeland security in portland. Can we now ripe down the signs and celerbrate and start useing that land agian and put up tents? Becouse it was the homeland security that messed with us. But someone should check into this. Also you should e-mail me with your info on this. Also i have pics of the protest and stuff so if you e-mail me i can give you the Sites name.