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Free, Excellent Speaker on Media and War

A fantastic speaker, professor, and author of "Sign Wars" and "Nike Culture" will give a free talk about the mainstream media coverage of the war in Iraq at Lewis and Clark College on Wednesday at 4 PM.
Wednesday, April 16, 4 p.m, Agnes Flanegan Chapel, Lewis and Clark College.: A talk by Bob Goldman, professor of sociology. The talk will explore the mainstream media coverage of the war in Iraq.
Mr. Golman also teaches a class at Lewis and Clark called "American Advertising: The Semiotics of Signs"--that i took. He is a fantastic and motivating speaker and he has a sharp, critical and entertaining approach to disentanling the mainstream media. This is not to be missed. And it's free! It's about a ten minute drive from downtown, and there is a free shuttle that picks up every hour downtown in front of Nordstroms. The scheduale can be found at www.lclark.edu under "Transportation"
Time Change!! 16.Apr.2003 11:41


The time has been changed to 3 pm! Sorry! And the location is still at Lewis and Clark but instead of holding it in the Chapel it will take place in the new "Albany" building right past the libary. This event is very worth checking out.

National Corporate Media Boycott 16.Apr.2003 11:42

Michael Cavlan RN ollamhfaery@earthlink.net

Greetings and Solidarity From Minnesota,
To any and all interested, there is now a national campaign targeting the corporate media and their shameful behavior around the war. If you have noticed this and want to join this national campaign then go to www.tvboycott.org and get the information. Then start a local branch, just as we have here in Minnesota. The campaign has decided to target the advertisers of NBC News. You can decide for yourself just how this will work for your region. Please feel free to contact myself for how we are doing it here in Minnesota.

While corporate media is a "target rich" enviornment the decision to focus on NBC was made by the national organization. This was a good decision as it can be a teaching experience to show how corporate media is profiteering from the war. The link with NBC being owned by GE, a major weapons manufacturer can be very easily made as a teaching aid. However, be rest assured that while this campaign is focused on NBC, this message is being directed at the owners and editors of corporate media and their advertisers. Use the term "lack of objectivity" and "pro-war, corporate bias" often, as we are here in Minnesota.

Now is the time to prepare for the next war and working on the Pentagons propaganda machine AKA "mainstream" i.e. corporate media is key.

Corporate Media, Corporate War. I'll Let You Do The Math.