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Anarchist Carpentry Collective is teaming up with City Repair to make displays for earth day. Anarchist Cooking and Baking Collective is hookin up with the Ninja house ta make food for the thousand folks expected to attend the festivities. We're all down ta promote localization- and community based control, as the alternitive ta corperate hemogany, and the murder promoted by the US government.

OK the city repair project is doing an installation/presentation on reclaiming urban space for comunity- it's gonna be kinda showy for earth days sake- I believe that they're getting materials from the rebuilding center among other places. They want ours and your help. According ta some of our wobbly bros that attended the first A.C.C. meeting City Repair is interested in building shelter for immigrant workers. This was brought up in response to a preposal at our meeting that we do/organize this in the future. City Repair is interested in promoting localization, and community building as an alternitive to the corperate hemogany promoted by the government.

THIS thursday the 17th @ 9:30 am we'll meet city repair folks @ Divincy Middle School located at 2508 ne Everet - about 4 blocks north of burnside- to load up structures- build T-palas (shelters) and a stage

Friday at 8am we'll meet back at divincy to load up materials and take them to the site to assemble

-to join a work bloc or for questions about the Anarchist Carpentry Collective give (michaelb) a call at 503-774-9253 or  mbthink@hotmail.com

-to plug in to city repair or for questions regarding earth day workshops and festivities call saskia at 503-804-5189

friday we'll also be setting up for the better transportation fair. A bycycle powered presentation held at 9pm (i think @ the b&O werehouse)

SATURDAY- Folks from the Anarchist Cooking and Baking Collective will meet at the Ninja house ta help the ninja's cook up a feast for roughly the thousand people that average this event. The ninja house is located half a block south of 45th and stark on the left (east) side'o the street. I'll make a sign. To hook up with ninjas contact lee at 503-247-9406
to work bloc or collaborate with A.C.B.C. in the future contact us @  pdxacbc@lists.riseup.net
-materials needed for the kitchen include big pots, bowls, cutting boards,K nives, large baking dishes, & cleanup stuff.

Can I get a HELL YEAH?

phone: phone: 503-774-9253

yo 15.Apr.2003 17:05



ok...HELL YEAH! 15.Apr.2003 17:08


It all sounds great. See ya at Earth Day.

T.S. 15.Apr.2003 18:07

Jack the Mongoose

They deleted 10 of the 500 posts you average a day? I could give a fuck. Most likely there was a glich and it just didn't go through, but even if they did I would appluad it. Criticism and discussion are welcomed, pure attemts at abuse of a community tool are not. You have nothing to say beyond "hippies suck", so we really don't to put up with you saying it after every article that's posted. Get a life, I mean how much time do you waste writing these comments on every article on a news site you hate? You don't make any sense.

Day? 16.Apr.2003 09:22


Article listed Earth Day Celebration as happening on Sat. April 19.

Actually Sat. is April 20.

Is the Earth Day Celebration happening on Friday April 19 or Saturday April 20?

EARTH DAY IS SATURDAY. 16.Apr.2003 11:57


Earth day is saturday this is just info and contacts to get involved. If folks are doing the building activities they're welcome to bring building tools and painting gear to the Divincy school. It sounds like they've got some gear but it doesn't hurt to come prepaired.

See ya sooon!