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Commercial Pepper Spray Treatment

While browsing around the web, I found a product that claims to neutralize 95-100% of pepper spray effects in 8-12 minutes. Stock up!
If you go to this site, you can find all manner of products for "self defense". Police-caliber pepper spray, stun guns, smoke bombs, ... all kinds of insane shit. Anyway, also on that site was this product: Sudecon Aerosol Spray Decontaminiate Wipes. The claim to be able to counter 95-100% of the effects of pepper spray in 8-12 minutes. They're only $1.75 each (you need two-four per person, it sounds like). They're cheaper if you buy in bulk, though. I'm really tempted to buy 20 of them ($30) "just in case". I might call and ask if they "expire" first, though. I don't suppose anyone has tried these? They sound like they work a lot better than black cross methods (no offense to the black cross!)...
forget the baby wipes 15.Apr.2003 17:15


forget the baby wipes...did you see the pepperspray grendes. imagine what one of those could do in someplace like...

Belated comments on commercial treatments 17.Apr.2003 14:41

Not a medic

Thank you, "No one in particular", for your research about Sudecon wipes for use against pepper spray.

Black Cross Health Collective has not tested this particular brand of wipes for use on people who have been pepper sprayed.

In our initial tests to find an antidote for pepper spray, we did test at least one highly-touted commercial antidote (called "Bioshield"). It did not work. By that I mean that it was expensive, it did not provide markedly more relief than soapy water and scrubbing (it is curious that Sudecon claims that it will relieve pain in 8-12 minutes, since most pepper spray pain goes away in that time anyway), it could not be used in the eyes/mouth/nose and, because of 'trade secrets', we could not find out what was in it and whether vegans could use it, etc.

Sudecon may well work on the skin. Our goal with antidotes is to find remedies that 1. DO NO HARM, 2. can be used on the eyes, nose and mouth, since those are the real targets when police pepper spray crowds and 3. is readily accessible and relatively inexpensive.

It is likely that we will test these wipes in the near future. If so, we will post results publicly, both on our website and elsewhere. We don't do commercial endorsements, but if something works (as with Maalox), we don't hesitate to tell people.

Again, thanks for posting this.