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the united states must stop supporting dictatorships
One of the most critical remarks made about the United States during "Operation Iraqi Freedom" is the economic and military support given to Sadaam Hussein during the Iran-Iraq war. The picture of Defense Secretary Donald Rumsfeld shaking hands with Hussein while concluding a sale of biochemical weapons from the U.S. to Iraq illustrates just how faulty the foreign policy of the United States has been since the end of World War ll. Obviously, most of U.S. foreign policy since the second world war was focused on countering the communist threat from the then Soviet Union. The objective was to extend economic and military support to any country (regardless of type of government) that was {at least on the surface} opposed to Soviet communism. So too, the U.S. also made overt and covert efforts to undermine foreign governments that opposed the United States. As a democratic country, the U.S. was (and still is) willing to support brutal dictatorships so long as those dictatorships serve in our economic and military interests. The end of this war should also mark the begining of the end for this hypocritical foreign policy. Accordingly, as a citizen of the United States of America, I am demanding that legislation be passed that outlaws this policy and extends the same military and economic embargo of Cuba to all dictatorships across the globe. These dictatorships should also include those monarchies established by coup de' tat. Although communism still exists in some countries, it is no longer the cold-war threat it used to be. The major threat facing the United States now is the arming of terroist cells throughout the world while being harbored in countries run by dictators. The only way to throw off this yoke of hypocricy is to outlaw it alltogether. Perhaps then, will all nations recognize the United States as the true leader of the free world.
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