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pepper spray

is it true?
is it true people in chicago are now spraying cops with pepper spray at protests?
Heard it on kboo late night.
I don't know about Chicago 15.Apr.2003 13:34


I don't know about Chicago, but they have in NYC.

Holy Shit! 15.Apr.2003 13:42


is that really true??? isn't it assult on an officer?

Pepper pray 15.Apr.2003 13:48


Would that work in Portland??

Heh heh... 15.Apr.2003 13:50

Trilox Woodsman

"Would that work in Portland??"

Would what work in Portland? They all have protective masks on so I can't see what good it would do unless you want a felony arrest record...

common sense 15.Apr.2003 13:59

republic of cascadia citizen

i don't want to tell people what to do, but my 30+ years of living on this planet have shown me that if you meet force with force you get stagnation and blockage. as tempting as it might seem to give the po-po a taste of their own medicine, it will not accomplish much if anything. do something creative, do something that will surprise, do something that will neutralize the anger not increase it.

new york 15.Apr.2003 14:23


when i read the article about how this happened in new york, the article said something close to the following: "in self defense, protesters sprayed police with pepperspray."

that was the new york times! and they said it was in self-defense! i know it's small, but still it's big.

Tilting at Windmills 15.Apr.2003 14:49


Somewhere along the line you have to pick your battles, hopefully choosing those you actually have a chance of winning. I suspect you have a greater chance of changing the law of gravity than coming out the winner in a pepper spray contest with the police.

It doesn't and won't matter how pure of heart you are, nor how much you feel you have right on your side ... you will be in a world of hurt. They will close ranks in support of each other and you will LOSE!

That's neither good nor bad, right nor wrong, just nor unjust ... it's simply the way it is.

... 15.Apr.2003 14:54


being female i used to carry pepperspray in the event that a scary goon would try and grab me and drag me away while walking down the sidewalk. sound familiar?

Carry it with you 15.Apr.2003 16:43

no one in particular

Yes, I always make sure to carry some of this pepper spray with me in case of, you know, attack, or something.

I wish I could find it in those big red cans that the PPD have. You could just flash it as a cop walked by. They're instantly recognizable. All I can find are white and black canisters.

No one conquers who doesn't fight. 15.Apr.2003 16:46


First, we ARE non-violent with everyone that is non-violent with us. We are not however non-violent with those who are violent with us. If strong minds, revolutionary change and self-defence are your goals, than the dogma of pacifism must be laid to rest. It is wise to use as much force as necessary to nutralize an attack; Only the most broken of men/women think it curagious to simply take their beating(s). so here's the real dope, The state is NOT all powerfull! The popular forces of the people can, through superior tactics, fight and win against the superior firepower of the state. What I'm really trying to say is: Large cans of mace can be picked up at andy & bax for about 34 bucks. So now you know... and knowing is half the battle.


jake 15.Apr.2003 16:48

not jake

jake, you're not a pain in the ass, you're just someone who apparently has a lot of time to write things on a message board. Saying you're a pain in the ass assumes you are sinificant. I'd say it's more a case that you're mildly irritating and apparently sort of dumb.

probably not a good idea 15.Apr.2003 18:03

big buck

yes, cops wear masks and are immune. one thing to consider though is bringing some super soakers filled with paint to obscure their face shields then use the pepperspray if they don't fall back. I'm not advocating this, because I do truly support nonviolence and don't think this would qualify, but I just wanted to throw the idea out there.

it's not really tactically sound 17.Apr.2003 00:24


Though I would greatly enjoy watching KATU dance around the fact that the cops were attacked with one of their own favorite toys.

The paint is probably a really bad idea, just because anything that could effectively opaque a face shield when sprayed is likely to be toxic. Is it possible to spray thicker types of fluid that might be more benign but achieve the same effect? Ketchup, maybe?