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Indymedia Training: Wens 7pm @ Reed College

7pm @ reed college (3203 se woodstock blvd, portland OR) in ETC Building 211 there will be a multimedia training session on the Indymedia centers.
The training will be flexible and try to answer questions/desires of the attendees, as well as connect participants to various indymedia activities they can partake in after the training.

We will probably cover:
The concept of indymedia
The sites
Is it just the basics? or are advanced, too? 15.Apr.2003 13:19

Brian Thomas indy@rivertext.com

I'm taking the liberty of re-posting here a message I just posted at the end of Hummingbird's terrfic 3 part photo essay that is currently an Indy feature:

-- FOREST DEFENSE 14 Apr 2003
Forest Management is Capitalist Ecocide, a three part photo essay


That message is buried deep at the end of the 3rd part and probably everybody at Indy that might respond to it has already read the photo essay.

Basically, I would like to attend the Indymedia Training if advanced topics are going to be covered. Below is a detailed discussion of one concern of mine -- how to improve the quality of my photo essays up to the level of Hummingbird's and spArk's contributions.

Another thing I would like is a detailed introduction to video production.

What I want to avoid is annoying everybody else by asking advanced questions if you only intend on going over the basics.

Here is my re-post about Hummingbird's photo essay

This is a wonderously well-done and powerful photo essay. I trust an easy to find to link to it will be preserved in a Cascadia Summer archive -- or whatever category is chosen.

My praise of this photo essay in the previous paragraph is about its depth of feeling, the quality of the photos and everything -- However, what follows is about its superficial qualities -- the fine way it is presented here on Indymedia.

I would like to be able to upload similar presentations. There actually is a photo essay of mine currently on the Indy feature front page that illustrates some of the difficulties folks who don't have sort of insider connections have in matching the presentation style that Hummingbird used. I create photo essays that like Hummingbird's have integrated text and it is very awkward to read them when you have scroll down and click on a thumbnail, scroll back up, find the text to read for that picture, etc.

So I have taken to just linking to my web site. I was honored that someone took the time to copy the html off my page and post it here -- there are quite a few issues because the text wasn't created for that purpose -- and my server is taking hits for all the pictures.

I asked spArk how I could match his equally superb Indy photo presentations and he said, "You'd have to find a way to upload the picture to the Indy site first and then link to them." Technically this would not be difficult to do. I could do this with the current set-up, I'd just create a thread for posting pictures without the text -- wait for it to come up on the server. Then I'd get copy the image links and use those to create my html post. Then I'd be making two threads and some folks might accuse me of spamming the site.

I know you have had some classes on how to post Indy features. However, I think what I'm asking for is a more advanced class, or some tips from spArk or Hummingbird over tea or beer on the html mistakes to avoid. I'm so used to being able to fix mistakes in my code after it is uploaded to my site.