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Ask Vera a Question!!

Wanna ask her something?
Looks like you can chat LIVE with Vera today - it's on the front page of the Oregonian Live website. If you don't want to chat - you can submit a question for her to answer. Could be interesting -


homepage: homepage: http://www.oregonlive.com

Okay 15.Apr.2003 09:07

Jake the Snake

Do you shave your legs?

Depends - 15.Apr.2003 09:28


Sometimes I do - and sometimes I don't - depends on my mood - and what I stand to actually gain from the hair-removal ritual. Oh - are you asking me - or Vera?

You, of course 15.Apr.2003 09:44

Jake the Snake

Vera i don't care about..
but you...:0)
have my interest