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VOMIT IN @ the Krispy Kreme

free donuts!
VOMIT IN @ the Krispy Kreme
VOMIT IN @ the Krispy Kreme
Come and gorge yourself on FREE DONUTS.
Then puke them all over Krispy Kreme's pretty new store.
Krispy Kreme is set to open its first Oregon outlet on July 29th. The doughnut giant is breaking ground at Southeast 82nd Avenue and Otty Road in Clackamas County. This is the first of 10 stores planned for Oregon in the next 5 years. Lots of people puking all over the place would send a powerful message to the KK clan.

The Clackamas shop is set to open July 29th with a red neon "Hot Doughnuts Now" sign hanging in the window. When illuminated, fresh original glazed doughnuts will be flying off the line. As with other stores, a glass viewing area will showcase the baking process. Yuck.
If you're interested in participating in the Vomit-In, email  deekil87@yahoo.com for more information.
Why? 15.Apr.2003 07:05


You know I read this site everyday and when I feel I have something to contribute I post. Most of the time I can understand the reasoning behind protesting things, for example war, erosion of ecosystems, human and civil rights violations, etc.

I do not understand the reasoning behind this. What is so wrong about a doughnut shop? Maybe I am just a horrible person, but I enjoy a good simple doughnut everyonce in awhile. Winchells and Dunkin are just about non-existent and downtown all you can find are pastries for several bucks a piece.

Use your energy to protest something meaningful. School funding cuts, medical funding cuts, major league baseball, or the federal crackdown on head shops. Anything.


P.S. No I am not a cop.

personally, I like the idea 15.Apr.2003 08:33


I like the idea, but I don't think it needs to be centralized. Just go and gorge and purge and look innocent. After the first few people "chunder", word will get out that KK is a health risk.

Regarding donuts, why doesn't "balanced" go to one of the locally owned donut places in town instead of getting his arteries hardened by a big corporate entity. His anxious mouth watering is exactly the same as the fluff news stories about the new Wal Mart Supercenter before it comes to a small town. Ignorant whitetrash saying, "this 'gon be the best thin' ever happen roun' here"

Whats wrong with a Doughnut shop??? 15.Apr.2003 08:57


whats wrong with a Doughnut shop?

Well, let me tell you. This is not just a a Doughnut shop, this Doughnut shop turns a, need I use the word.. Hold on.

KIDS!, please leave the room, daddy has to use a bad word...

Ok, This Doughnut shop turns a ... PROFIT!

there I said it, the most feared and dreaded word in the english language..

That is why we must have a Barf-o-thon...

Err, your classism is showing 15.Apr.2003 08:58


Err, your elite classism is showing. Talking about "rednecks" as if you were some urban elite. Disgusting.

To fjyuj 15.Apr.2003 09:05


So I should only go to small businesses. Fine, I can support that. Still not too many doughnut shops period. Though I will say that I was very excited to hear about VooDoo doughnuts opening downtown. That is until I went there two days in a row only to find out that their advertised "grand opening" date was just an April Fool's joke and they would be opening "soon". So I wasted two "coffee breaks" walking up to their store to be disappointed. At least a large corporation would open when they said they would or if not at least tell people they were delayed.

Hmmmmmmmmmm 15.Apr.2003 09:19

Tiny Tim

that gives me a great idea!
i've been looking for some new frosting recipes for our doughnut shop.


A Friend of Osho

The problem with Krispie Kreme is the same as the problem with Dunkin Doughnuts. Their doughnuts ALL contain the deadly poison, Trans-fat, aka Partially Hydrogenated Oil, aka vegetable shortening.

Trans-fat is the number one food causing disease. Trans-fat should never be eaten, it is not safe in any amount. Avoid Krispie Kreme doughnuts at all costs.

For more information on the deadly trans-fats, and to learn why you need high levels of good raw fats in your diet every day, read  http://www.udoerasmus.com/

Here we go 15.Apr.2003 10:02


Okay I can deal with an argument based around "small" business vs. corporations, but this is ridiculous. It never ceases to amaze me that activists will scream if anyone tells them what they should think or do. However these same activists will be quick to tell others what they should and shouldn't eat.

By eating doughnuts, I am hurting no one but myself. No poor little calves are being confined in tiny spaces, no dolphins are being killed with tuna nets, and no chickens are being mutated to have multiple limbs. If I want to eat Trans-Fat that is my right.

Balanced 15.Apr.2003 10:36


...you are absolutely right. It's your body and you have the right to consume what you wish. My only problem with KK is a personal one. Too much hype over this exaggerated freakin' donut. You's think it was made of gold. Give me a break, it's the fat and sugar that makes it so addictive. And, by the way, I tasted a few of them. I don't find it that special.

Thank you Ranger 15.Apr.2003 10:39


I would have to agree that KK is NOT the best doughnut. That said I still go back to my original point that the idea of a vomit-in is stupid. This is what makes activists look bad to the mainstream. Silly little things that are of no substantial importance.

Yes buttttttttttttttttttt 15.Apr.2003 10:54

Tiny Tim

We have some pretty good doughnuts in our shop. And there is nothing wrong with a little hydrogenated oil or sugar. It makes us happy! and gives us energy!
And i'm thinking that a puke-in is a great idea! If you come to our shop you can puke in one of our great big mixing vats!!!
Please hurry...I'm already thinking of some great frosting ideas!!!!

I must stick my nose in your business! 15.Apr.2003 11:01

liberal shit head

as a liberal, they won't validate my red commie card if I don't stick my snout in your business..

to: ClassismWatch 15.Apr.2003 12:02


I presume you refer to my post about Wal Mart lovin' whitetrash when you misquote me about "rednecks".

Working class folks with class consciousness are neither whitetrash nor redneck, they understand where downward wage pressure and capitalist propaganda come from and their purpose.

Lumpenproles who embrace Wal Mart and Krispy Kreme are in fact whitetrash. They are the hateful, ignorant Bush supporters. They are the lead weight around the necks of workers.

Yes, I am classist. There is a ruling class and an oppressed class and there is a lot of whitetrash in the oppressed class. I don't fault them for their ignorance, but I do fault them for their actions. Ignorant, hateful whitetrash are not beyond hope, but they must develop an awareness of class issues before their lot will improve.

To: cxjfngbh 15.Apr.2003 13:07

Jake the Snake

Allow me to correct you:
You are not a "classist"
You are, in fact, a self-righteous, pompous, half-wit who demonstrates the very reason why sane people prefer you keep seeing your psychiatrist on a regular basis.
Either that, or we can just take up a collection and ship you off to an elitist government such as, oh, Syria.
I was going to say Iraq, but,well,,you know...
Your choices of preferred countries grows smaller by the day, however...
I would hurry if I was you...

Nevermind 15.Apr.2003 13:11

balanced but leaning

You know, I had this whole rebuttal all thought out, but screw it. You have no idea who you are trashing when someone disagrees with you a little.

I could be someone powerful in the movement, or maybe a sympathetic politicion, or even Ralph Nader himself. You don't care and you are unwilling to hear anything else.

Screw this. I actually am a person who is in a very good position to help the movement here in Portland. But with infantile behavior such as seen on this site I am doubting whether I should.

NOOOOOOOOOOOOOO!!!!!!!!! 15.Apr.2003 13:29

Tiny Tim

please don't go away! We at Tiny Tims' cater to the left leaning people of Oregon!
And I have enjoyed very much your defending the rights of doughnut eating people everywhere!
Don't listen to those holier-than-thou elitist types who say polyunsaturated fats are bad and all of that!
There is nothing wrong with a good old doughnut!!!!

very good position 15.Apr.2003 13:30


"I actually am a person who is in a very good position to help the movement here in Portland."

Har dee har har, woooo, hahahahaha, giggle, snort. Ok, I'm alright now...no I'm not, hahahahahaha! sniff, sniff.

Well, you're arrogant at least. Hoo, hoo.

"Good position to help the movement" What the fuck does that mean? "I'll be happy to help you folks if you do what I say". Tell you what, why don't you go ahead and stuff your face with junk food and pat yourself on the back about how cool you are and leave the work to the people who are actually willing to do something.

As for the whitetrash trolls, suck on it. I would wipe my ass with your flag, but I'd have to wash the flag first.

More laughter at Mr. Balanced 15.Apr.2003 13:43


choke, choke...hahahahahahaha. sniff, giggle.

If you're so powerful, and progressive, why have you been sitting on your hands so far? Seems to me like you want to think of yourself as a good person, but haven't actually done anything to prove it.

hoo,hoo, powerful but impotent, giggle.

Not sitting 15.Apr.2003 14:44


Possibly the reason that I haven't done much is the fact that I have been weighing my family's well-being (I am the sole provider) and my beliefs. The moment I step forward I will lose my job.

worthless 15.Apr.2003 15:01


this is probably the most worthless thread ive seen in awhile.

to: balanced 15.Apr.2003 15:36


I would encourage you to act. If you experience reprisals, sue your boss. Talk to a lawyer about this before "coming out". I can understand the reluctance to take a stand on political issues due to fear of reprisals, but you're not the only person to experience such threat. If it helps, try balancing your continued material comfort with the guilt you will likely feel for doing nothing. Best of luck, and cut down on the donuts.

I Love Raising Hell 15.Apr.2003 16:46


tell me what your going to do to make the " mainstream" like you.The hardest person to awaken is the one who only pretends to sleep. I am considered mainstream and I love this idea. Quit trying to make all protests inoffensive. What's next, a nice in?

so much news time spent advertising a lard cake company. What a steaming pile. I would do it just to prove that I'm not buying their crap.

I would pay good money for the security tape of these actions. And anyone who defends Wal-Mart needs help. The folks who work there are beat down, the folks who make the stuff in slave camps are beat down, and all the God Bless the USA shoppers buying their made in China plastic crap?

the trolls act like they have some sand, but they don't. They wouldn't have had the nerve to be in the Boston Tea Party.

I am sick of these big chains. Let's see more business where the profits stay here and not go to some corporate headquarters in a tax free state, or the Bahamas.

Don't give up 15.Apr.2003 17:04


Don't give up Balanced. Do what you have to and do what you can.

You don't have to prove anything to anybody, but I hope you won't give up your concerns and ideals just because others are more extreme, or even abusive towards you.

There are all kinds of people here. Most have similar concerns, although they might express them or attack them in different ways.

I agree Miles! 15.Apr.2003 17:15

Tiny Tim

I keep trying to tell everyone here, but i guess my words fall on deaf ears.
Tiny Tims' is a local doughnut shop. We aren't some huge corporate wall-street conglomerate. And yes, we do try very hard to make a profit and feed our families.
And, yes, we understand that doughnuts are a "treat" and shouldn't be considered as anything else but that.
We are a fun family and support the causes of peace and hope for all of mankind. And yes, I get riled when someone says they shouldn't eat doughnuts.
That is silly stuff! Doughnuts are fun to eat!
And something else too...the spelling..DONUTS...is incorrect!
We take our doughnuts seriously, and work hard to provide the public with the very best of this delicious treat!
If you want to puke at Krispy Kreme, be my guest.
But if you want a real tasty treat, please come to Tiny Tims!
Thank you everyone

WOW!! 15.Apr.2003 17:52


Who'd have thought a post about doughnuts would generate such depth of feeling ... pretty cool!

Trans-Fat is a deadly poison 16.Apr.2003 11:21

Joe Mama


Why do you put the poisonous Trans-Fat in your doughnuts????? They have no nutritional value at all, and they are health destroyers.

Don't you know there are other nutritious foods that can be used to make doughnuts??? There are substitutes for trans-fat.

My parents fed me trans-fat growing up, it was child abuse. Trans-fat causes cancer, inhibits immune function, makes one make us more susceptible to a stroke or a heart attack, it lead to atherosclerosis, it interfere with insulin function, they interfere with brain development and brain function, THEY ARE KILLER FATS. WAKE UP, Trans-fats should not be in our food.

Tiny Tim, you are a complete FUC*ING A*SH*LE For adding trans-fat to your "food" and selling it to people who don't know any better. PLEASE USE SOMETHING BESIDES TRANS-FATS TO MAKE YOUR DOUGHNUTS!!!!!! THANK YOU!!!

This is quoted from  http://www.udoerasmus.com/articles/udo/fthftk2.htm

"Part Two: Killer Fats


Most of the health problems that we blame on fats should actually be blamed on the destructive processing to which the fats have been subjected. This point has been overlooked by most researchers and educators, but it is the critical issue that makes the difference between the fats that heal and the fats that kill-processing!!

Three oil processing methods turn fats that heal into fats that kill.

1. Hydrogenation turns oils into cheap, plastic, spreadable, shelf-stable fats. It twists healing fats trans- fatty acids present in margarines, shortenings (sometimes listed as 'vegetable shortening'), shortening oils, and partially hydrogenated vegetable oils. According to research studies, trans- fatty acids

increase cancer risk factors (interfere with liver detoxification, change B and T immune cell ratios, interfere with the functions of anti-cancer fatty acids);

elevate cardiovascular risk factors (elevate total cholesterol and 'bad' LDL cholesterol, lower 'good' HDL cholesterol, make platelets more likely to stick to together to form a clot, increase the strongest known risk factor for cardiovascular disease (lipoprotein{a};

interfere with insulin function, making diabetes worse, and more likely to occur;

decrease testosterone, increase abnormal sperm, & interfere with pregnancy in animals; correlate with low birth weight babies, & lower human breast milk quality; change the fluidity of cell membranes, making them more leaky, thereby lowering cell vitality; and interfere with the healing fats-essential fatty acids-required for health.

Hydrogenated or partially hydrogenated oils are widespread in breads, cakes, candies, cookies, granola bars, crackers, digestive biscuits, pancake mixes, raisin bran, instant soups, chocolate, desserts, fruit cakes, chips, convenience and junk foods, peanut butter, some salad dressings, and even in the croutons used to make your 'healthy' Caesar salad. Research suggests that they ought to be absent from the foods of anyone interested in health

2. Frying. Research consistently shows that fried (over-heated) fats correlate with increased cancer and cardiovascular problems.

The oils best for our health, those richest in the healing essential fats, become most toxic when fried. But frying heat also damage hard, stable, saturated tropical fats and butter.

The browned (burned) parts of fried, deep-fried, toasted, roasted, baked, broiled, barbecued foods are toxic. By definition, toxic means: 'of, or relating to, poison'. And poison, by definition, is: 'any substance that, when introduced into or absorbed by a living organism causes death or injury'. Either quickly, or slowly. In the case of toxic oils, they do their poisoning job slowly.

The inner part of burned (browned) foods is fine, because it does not reach burning temperatures-it is actually steamed in the water it contains.

The best oil for frying? If health is what we want, water is the only oil appropriate for frying. We're back to steaming, poaching, boiling, or pressure cooking our foods. Or, even better in most cases, eating them raw.


3. Refining and Deodorizing produces colorless, odorless, tasteless, oils-the equivalent of white sugar and white flour, products from which most of the nutrients required for health have been removed. Except for extra virgin (green) olive oils, which remain unrefined and undeodorized, all oils not labeled: 'Unrefined' have been harshly treated: degummed-treated with sodium hydroxide, an extremely corrosive base; refined-treated with extremely corrosive (phosphoric) acid; bleached with bleaching clays, producing rancidity (peroxides)-unpleasant odors and tastes; and deodorized: over-heated (above frying) to remove the rancidity produced by bleaching. Toxic molecular alterations take place at those temperatures. These oils, especially corn and safflower oils, are associated with increased cancer and cardiovascular disease.

Some (perhaps 0.5 to 1.0%) fatty acid molecules change into toxic molecules. Phytochemicals with health benefits, that make up about 2% of most oils are removed. Some healing fats are destroyed. At least one study suggests that when oils are heated above 150C or 302F, they are converted from protective against mutations to mutation-causing. We can only guess with concern what damage to future generations these oils may cause.


4. Excess of hard fats-the saturated fats in pork, beef, lamb, dairy and tropical fats have existed in nature for a long time. Our body uses them in cell membranes, in fat deposits, and as fuel. When we consume more than we use, they make platelets more sticky, interfere with insulin function, and interfere with functions of the healing fats.

If we work hard physically (like our grandparents), we can burn a lot of hard fats to produce energy. Sedentary, we need far less fuel, and cannot stay healthy if we eat grandfather's high hard fat diet. The more hard fats we eat, the more of the healing fats-essential fatty acids-we need to consume.

If we optimize our intake of essential fats, made with health in mind, and in the right ratio of omega 3 to omega 6, then we can use saturated fats in moderation without fear. We can then use whipping cream in our coffee, butter on our bread, and sour cream on our potatoes (but, since the starch in the potatoes can make us fat, we should probably eat the sour cream by itself!).

This is, in fact, another key point you need to understand. It is more important for health to optimize the consumption of essential fats than it is to avoid the bad fats. The fats that heal protect us from the fats that kill. If you removed all the bad fats from your diet, and did not bring in the good ones, you would still die from degenerative disease, because you cannot live without the good essential fats.


5. Sugar, even in small amounts, kills. Sugar is not a fat, but our body turns sugars into the same hard fats that make platelets sticky; interfere with insulin; and interfere with healing fats. Sugar also damages teeth; feeds bacteria, yeast, fungus, and cancer cells; increases serum triglycerides; interferes with vitamin C transport and immune function; increases adrenalin production by up to 4 times, a powerful internal stressor; cross-links proteins and speeds aging; and steals calcium, chromium, and other minerals from the body.

If the 120 or more pounds of sugar that Westerners consume annually were replaced by 120 pounds of honey, maple syrup, brown sugar, rice syrup, corn syrup, high fructose corn syrup, or other similar sweeteners, the cause would have the same effect. Detrimental results on health would be similar.

Health problems can be caused by high fat diets; low fat diets; oil processing; excessive hard fats; and sugars. Good grief! What's left to eat? ....

hahahaha 16.Apr.2003 12:13


From your own post:

Health problems can be caused by high fat diets; low fat diets; oil processing; excessive hard fats; and sugars. Good grief! What's left to eat? ..

Sour grapes 24.Apr.2003 15:10


Why are activists so angry all the time...is it because so called corporate types have "beaten them down" or "beaten them out"...funny how the young activists I grew up with who became successful also became less angry as their lives stabilized...it seems to me that the farther you go from the political center (left and right), the less rational the arguments become...

I,ve Got The Answer 22.Feb.2004 16:58

The Professor jjz7@excite.com

The real Problem is not so much with K.K.D.,its the fact that they misrepresent their product and it's origins.As it is advertised by k.k.d.,that a frenchman named Joe Le Beau sold his secret(yeah right,mashed potatoes)recipe to Vernon Rudolph,when vernon rudolphs uncle run a store in Paduccah,Ky.in about 1926,but this is not public records in paduccah indicate there was no bakery there at that location in that year or any other,this was also validated by his young nephew.He has stated that he could not have been in Paducah at the time(late 20's-1930).As far as Joe Le Beau,he was a worker on the belle of louisville,but when asked of those men of whom joe le beau worked with on the steamboat,they replied that they knew of no such secret doughnut recipe,but did say he made waffles for his co-workers on one occassion and even 1 of his co-workers said on record that joe and all of them would on a day off go and get doughnuts at the kk.store in louisville,but that they didn't think he knew fo any recipe.Also Joe Le Beau's own Daughter when interviewed by a louiville courier-journal reportered stated that she had absolutely NO KNOWLEDGE THAT HER FATHER WAS OR EVER HAD BEEN IN ANY BUSINESS RELATIONSHIP WITH K>K>D> .Joe Le Beau died Pennyless in louisville in the late 80's.If you don't believe me go look yourselves.