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Police Raid Portland Peace Encampment

At 11:45pm Monday night, Portland Police raided the Portland Peace Encampment in front of Portland City Hall at SW 4th & Jefferson. The police confiscated all equipment and signs that were not able to be carried off by the demonstrators. However, no arrests or citations were made. The confiscated material was listed as "Abandoned Property" on the Property/Evidence Receipt given to the demonstrators by police. Several demonstrators continue to protest at the site, sitting on the sidewalk.
A force of approximately 7 or 8 Portland Police Bureau officers headed by Lt. Bill Haunsperger raided the Portland Peace Encampment at 11:45pm Monday, April 14th, 2003. The police confiscated several bins of food and equipment, bags of clothes and all the remaining protest signs. No arrests or citations were made.

The Peace Camp was given a Property/Evidence Receipt listing the confiscated equipment and bags, but not the protest signs. The Property Receipt lists the "Type of Incident" as "Abandon Property," yet the property is listed as being taken from Russell Nelson, one of the demonstrators.

The last few minutes of the raid were videotaped by a freelance cameraman for several local TV Stations.

Notes taken by the demonstrators indicated that "The cops seemed like they were having a good time. Apparently Mayor Katz wanted it done at night so no one would notice. One freelance cameramen came out and said it was blacked out on the radio as well."

The cameraman later confirmed that he had been called by several local TV stations to cover the event. Two of the TV stations confirmed to him that no police call was sent out on the radio or received on the stations police scanners, which is highly unusual.

Police returned at approximately 1am and demanded that the demonstrators remove all remaining chairs and equipment. This equipment was loaded into a demonstrator's truck.

The only protest sign not confiscated by the police was the Bill of Rights. This is a bit of a shame, because the police obviously need a copy.

Demonstrators continue their vigil at the site, sitting on the ground under two umbrellas not confiscated by police. Peace Camp plans a major demonstation at Noon on Tuesday April 15th.

Earlier in the day, the Portland Parks and Recreation department has refused to issue a permit for Peace Camp's move to Lownsdale Square in front of the Mark O. Hatfield United States Courthouse. As a result, Peace Camp moved all of their equipment at Hatfield back to City Hall.

Photos will be posted to IndyMedia as soon as they can be developed.

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what about the car thieves? 15.Apr.2003 04:49


If they have time to do this, why don't they have time to chase the car thieves they claim are too numerous to follow up on?

Instead car lot dealers and individual car theft victims have to do their own investigation, only to have their evidence ignored by the police, who only have time for high priority rape and murder cases?

Please citizens, we have to vote out this mayor and her unconstitutional tendencies.

A Budget Problem 15.Apr.2003 11:28


Portland Police officers are in the middle of a budget crisis yet they somehow have the time and the money to raid Peace Encampments. They have the money to take care of this in the middle of the night but they do not have the funds to take care of drug deals happening in the night. Something is wrong here. And to not broadcast this call over the radio signals that the police and the mayor knew what they were doing was wrong and uncalled for. Our city has the funds to keep peaceful people off street corners but they do not have the funds to stop drug deals, theft, and violence that plagues our streets every night, the mayor needs to take a good look at what she is spending the city's money on.

Vera and her "thugs" have gone too far! 15.Apr.2003 13:59

Jeremy C

I am a young college student who is sick and tired of the anti peace, anti civil libertie actions that our mayor and the portland thugs continuously commit! Vera and her thugs have gone too far! Katz and the portland police thugs have really shown there true peaceful nature. How could we possibly trust Vera and officers at all, i know i don't. It is hard to believe that our mayor and the officers that are supposed to protect and serve are a bunch of unpeacful, uncaring, agressive thugs that are only protecting and serving their own interests. I have faith in the Portland comunity to realize this and hope all will see the need to not let this outrageous act of agression go unprotested. We cannot let this unjustice continue. NOW IS THE TIME!

Bribg on the brownshirts! 15.Apr.2003 16:23

joe blow

Some things never change, do they? Let's wake up and flush Katz and her goons down the drain, shall we? The bowl's getting pretty full and starting to reek! it's a good thing they did not run off with the Bill of Rights sign, they'd most likely use it to wipe themselves (assuming they do) as few of them can read anyway.

No donut 15.Apr.2003 16:36

a soul

Hey, maybe we should boycott all donut bakeries within a twenty mile radius of the city. Maybe if we impact their bottom line enough, they will stop giving free donuts to the cowardly minions of shock and aw shit who do Vera's bidding, and they will all starve to death.

piss ants 15.Apr.2003 18:19

pissed off

When are you little piss ants gonna learn, do go against the man.

Lie 17.Apr.2003 00:07

Brian Hubbard

I was there...and I know that "all" of your signs were not confiscated.
This is a LIE made to bolster your cause.
You are a disgrace.