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Reuters live web cam from top of the Palestine Hotel in Baghdad

Reuters live web cam from top of the Palestine Hotel in Baghdad. The CBS web cam addresses do not work now. At 2:30 am our time this tuesday morning, Peter Arnett was doing his report but I did not catch for what news agency is reporting for.
As heard on the web cam from the Palestine Hotel....Peter Arnett reporting....at 2:30 am PDT here in Portland....dont know who Peter is reporting for now...

Marines are searching the Palestine Hotel for Iraqi officials who were working with foreign journalists. Peter says his room has not been searched yet.

Coalition is warning the Iraqi people that it is unsafe to travel at night in Baghdad.

In background behind Peter is a demonstration of maybe 100 Iraqi's whose demands are security before freedom. They are asking for a new government to be formed by Iraqi's.

Peter says that there are reports of thieves or gangsters breaking into homes at night and of Iraqi's asking Marines for protection.

The communique to the Iraqi populations says do not travel at night; approach check points cautiously; do not attempt to block coalition convoys;

Peter is followed by BBC? reporter who is reporting that electricity is still out in much of Baghdad and that there seems to be no way to bring in petrol for the civilian population. Also hospitals are in dire need of medical supplies. This english reporter says that if these basic infra structure needs can begin to be addressed than that will alleviate the concern of Baghdad residents that nothing is being done to help them. If not, that reporter says that the demonstrations outside of the Palestine Hotel will continue to grow.

The web cam is now routed through a German NTV/Reuters web address. The CBS webcam addresses do not work at this point.

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