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Portland Panel shares protest experience with Belorussian Visitors

On Friday April 11th at 3pm, a panel composed of Portland Peaceful Response Coalition leadership and Portland Indymedia representatives met with six distinguished visitors from Belorussia whose USA information gathering tour is sponsored by the World Affairs Council. Through two interpreters provided by WAC, Portland Panel discussed organization structures, development and results of Peace Actions Oct 5th - Mar 15th as well as use of media including Indymedia/s to promote and coordinate protest actions.
Belorussian visitors:

Nina Stuzhiukaja
Nataliya Kalbyka
Yuzy Hubazevich
Dzmitry Shymanski
Yauhen Furseyea
Vladimir Gvozdev

Occupations and affiliations include faculty at university, Center for Regional Co-operation, Circle of Friends, Parents With Many Children, Economist at Center for Research and Analysis, and president of Belorussian Women's League. Ages ranged from 27 to 56; four men and two women.

Interpreters for World Affairs Council:

Veleriy Volozov (Baltimore MD)
A male interpreter (US resident)

Portland Panel:

Jan Weston
David Zundel
Renee Hyatt
Glen Owen


Christine Jacobs for World Affairs Council
Glen Owen for Portland Panel

In addition to this discussion of media, Belorussian visitors will meet with KBOO staff and directors Tuesday March 15th.

World Affairs Council and Portland Panelists were pleased with quality of communication and other results of meeting, and plan to co-ordinate efforts for briefing of WAC sponsored visitors in future.

Portland Panel was assembled at short notice on request by World Affairs Council to Glen Owen, who is active in Portland Peaceful Response Coalition, the Alliance for Peace and Justice, Victims of Child Abuse By Churches Against the War, Pride At Work, Come Out Against the War and IMCpdx projects.

phone: phone: 503 287 3473