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Breasts Or Thighs? KFC In Czech Republic Turn TV Viewers Cannibal!

War Frenzy, Sexism, or Mad Cow Disease? KFC's Czech branch advertises "Juicy Breasts" and "Crunchy Thighs" with pictures of the corresponding human body parts.


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Breasts or Thighs?

The Czech Republic branch of corporate fast "food" chain KFC has launched a new ad campaign to advertise both "juicy breasts" AND "crunchy thighs."
Their latest TV commercial is accompanied with pictures of womens thighs and breasts to correspond with the succulent slogan. Viewers are left to wonder whether KFC is adjusting to the local market in women's bodies just to staunch the boredom of Czech beer-guzzling TV junkies, or whether there is a different, more cannibalistic approach hiding behind the campaign. Perhaps they ran out of Mad Chickens...

Source: http://www.feminismus.cz/
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