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War Tax Resistors action to take place downtown tomorrow

A Portland man will be downtown tomorrow morning at 9:30 am to demonstrate his opposition to the U.S. government's use of tax monies for war. He will be giving away to people on the street $550 of his money that would otherwise be going to the government as part of his tax return.
In $10 increments, $550 will be given away to whoever passes by on the street downtown in front of the Employment Department building (on the south side of sw 6th ave between columbia and clay--1435 sw 6th). This event is sponsored by the War Tax Resistors' League. This person is requesting that people be kind enough to show up in support of this anti-war action. Please bring signs, leaflets, tax-return forms to burn, etc.

homepage: homepage: http://www.warresisters.org/wtr_menu.htm

Also at noon at Pioneer Square 15.Apr.2003 06:41


There will also be an action at Pioneer Square at noon including some street theater and tax redirection to worthy causes, organized by Portland War Tax Resisters.

Jeez 15.Apr.2003 08:07


The poor bastard will be ripped apart by all the pan-handlers in their rush to grab the money.

cool 15.Apr.2003 09:52


man, that is so cool. i really wish i had heard about it earlier.

photos from event 15.Apr.2003 12:06


photos from event
photos from event

Anyone want to get $10 bucks for me? 15.Apr.2003 17:48


I'd go since I'm a tax resistor battling the odds here in Toronto. I could use the money too, I'm on UIC! Someone go in my place, get 10 bucks for me, 10 bucks for you and hope the guy doesn't get picked up May 1st for tax invasion.

They invade Iraq, stole our money to do so, so it should be called tax invasion.