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Sell your US Savings Bonds

Now is the time
If you sell your US Savings bonds that will leave the US government with a little less money with witch to occupy Iraq, bribe or threaten foreign governments for oil companies, build nuclear bombs, subsidize huge polluting corporations, and watch US citizens. The money that would have gone to the treasury goes to you. Lets all make this step.
exactly... 14.Apr.2003 23:53

pissed patriot

...what we need to do. i am so 100% done with supporting this administration in any way. it was illegitimate from the very start, and has just driven our nation into a desperate ditch. i am withdrawing my financial, emotional, and mental support from the bush administration and all of the corporations who profit from war, exploitation, fear and lies. if i can not stop them today, at the very least i can hit them in the only place they understand, their blackened financial heart.

unfortunately 15.Apr.2003 04:38


Unfortunately, with less money, the government will probably cut benefits to US citizens before it will give up it's war quests.

Please, let's vote this administration out of office next year.

Be a True Radical! 15.Apr.2003 09:05

Jake the Snake

DON'T sell your bonds..
give them to me! i will gladly accept them on behalf of the great American machine!
Be a TRUE radical and refuse to accept that monopoly and blood money! Make your comrades proud of you!
Please Note*:
I accept all denominations of bonds...$25 to $1000!
Thank you in advance

I'm not sure I follow you 15.Apr.2003 09:10


Maybe I'm wrong, but the way I understand it, once you buy the bond, it's all over.

If you cash it in early, you pay a penalty, and the government makes money, but not as much as if you'd held on to it until maturity. If you sell it to another party, you get the cash, but the bond is still outstanding, so the government still gets to use the money.

I guess cashing in your bonds makes some sense, it gives the Govt. a little less money to work with, but savings bonds are really small potatoes compared with the types of Govt. bonds that the ultra-rich and institutional investors buy. An effective idea is to not buy savings bonds in the first place, and try not to invest anything (401k etc.) with anyone who buys govt. bonds, stocks or bonds from multinationals, etc. (good luck with that).

In the long run, the US might have a little less intl. economic power, as foreign countries (and maybe the American public) stop buying Govt. debt. That is a bad thing in some ways, but it might give our leaders a little more humility in the world?! One can hope.

A Bond is a Loan 04.Apr.2004 07:46


If you cash in your bonds, you might pay a penatly, but the government does not have your money anymore. That significanly reduces their cash on hand. Remember, the government lives off of an allowance. The allowance that we give them. Savings bonds gives them a loan from us to use our money for their own purposes. So ECAC you are partly right, and partly wrong. They will loose out if we take our money back, just like a bank would loose out if everyone took their money out. They couldn't afford to continue operations.

What we need to be woried about is our national debt. We're currently financing it by selling bonds to foreign countries. That's a loan people. We're taking out loans from foreign countries to run our country. Wake up people and do something.