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Baghdad protests

I find it interesting
Baghdad protests
Baghdad protests
That the pro-america protest only had about 70 to 100 people. And that now that Iraq has been "liberated" a stretch of protesters showed as far as the eye could see to protest american occupation.
your headline seems off 14.Apr.2003 22:52


I'm going to call you on this because regardless of one's views, it's important to document and provide citations. The picture file has "pakistan" in the file name. Where is this? Your post isn't clear.



Photo 14.Apr.2003 23:03


This photo was pulled from Yahoo.com. If you will read carefully it also says iraq on the file name. Why it says Pakistan on the file name I do not know, for I did not name it.

provide URLs in the future 14.Apr.2003 23:23


and that will resolve most questions........

I wasn't picking on you. Just trying to inspire you and others to document as that is in the best interests of everyone (and usually only takes an extra five seconds anyway)

it is a pakistani picture 15.Apr.2003 02:15

andrea pdx

the file reference is correct...it is a demonstration in Pakistan...you can tell by the yellow turbaned crowd control people at the bottom of the picture...

Kelso Lies 15.Apr.2003 05:59

Don't know why Pakistan is in the file name?


"Kelso", you downloaded this pic from Yahoo- true. However, under the photograph was a caption which clearly identified where this demonstration occurred!

"Monday, April 14, 2003, in Hyderabad, near Karachi, Pakistan. (AP Photo/Anjum Parwaz)"

Kelso has deliberately misrepresented the facts surrounding this "Baghdad" demonstration.

This isn't an oversight, it is a lie designed to subvert truth.

propaganda 15.Apr.2003 13:15


Sometimes I can't decide who's propaganda is more annoying... the governments or our own.