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the mirror image
It started out "fun." Read: cruel, as in "evil is banal" stupid. The crazy preacher. Thought I'd confront him with his lies, so I put my sign in front of him. Presto. The "fun" tango: me, Mr. Umbrella, Mr. Flag, and Mr. Preacher - younger than "us" and focused like a laser. We chased him. I wish Umbrella or Flag had grabbed me, but how could they know I'd be so stupid? Preacher zoomed around and I tried to catch him - we must have looked like a parade. "Read my sign" I said to the woman, "I'm NOT with him."

Later, beginning to realize, I thought, "well, next time I'll just stand behind, not confront, not push." And maybe that would be OK sometimes. But only without the anger, the heat of "righteousness" that made the two of us mirror images.

I was with him. And for now, I still am, in spite of the shame.