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Who has news about tonights arrests at the schoolboard meeting?

I just got word about some people getting arrested at a schoolboard meeting tonight. The arredsted were apparently questioning the recruiting policies of the armed forces in our achools.
If anyone has info please post here. Someone close to me was arrested I would like to what happened.
There 14.Apr.2003 22:24

Centipede treeclimberhanna@aol.com

I was there for a good deal of it. They waited outside for a while then walke in with signs explaining their point, that recruiters should not have access to student info without parent permission. The people their got really nervous. They told the people that if they didn't leave they would call the police. The people said what they were doing was legal. Then the security type people started calling the fire marshal and the police. I think they either called 911 of were debating calling 911. They stood there for at least 15 minutes before the police came. Once they were there they each told to leave or be arrested. About half were arrested. The News did an interview. ect. Other people had cameras and might post pictures/ more detailed stories than I have provided. The people doing this were awesome and everyone I came with were really proud of them. Props to all of you.

Why were they nervous? 15.Apr.2003 00:19


Why were they nervous? What could they have thought would happen? The protesters didn't dissallow other to talk, did they?

It just sounds bizarre. Anyone should be able to talk at a school board meeting as long as they follow the same rules that everyone else does.

KOIN 6 15.Apr.2003 05:08


Pretty good coverage of this on KOIN 6 news. They said that someone asked who ordered the arrests of the protesters, and the policeman answered, "Mayor Vera Katz."

Correction 15.Apr.2003 06:10


The above quote was in reference to the raid on the peace camp, not the arrests at the school board meeting.


Damn it 15.Apr.2003 14:42

Alex ZEisberg Guitarfreak2910@aol.com

This is just crazy. Also when this stuff happens make shure its all of indymeadia please. I like rode my bike around to two schools close to the roseland and i couldnt find it. If that damn concert wasnt going on i bet i could of. Also im sorry to the people that got arrested. I hope you get out soon. Also how many protesters showed up to that? And also i was with a group of police brutality protesters that said they got on the max and rode down to the school. I was wondering how that went and maybe how the police looked when you guys did that. Well thanks


one of the sign holders 16.Apr.2003 10:53


I was one of the seven people holding the signs. There were also 3-5 students from one of the colleges that volunteered to hand out copies of our statement, as well as a number (I'm not sure how many as I think a few left when people were arrested) of people that signed up to speak on this issue in the citizens' comment period.

When we entered the meeting we stood along the wall. We did not intend to block passage and did not. This location was choosen as the only place where our signs would be visible both to the school board and to the audience. The chairperson interrupted the meeting to tell us that we would need to move to either the chairs or the back of the room, since the signs were a fire hazard. (I guess they are more flamable in that part of the room than in the less visible parts...) Our spokes person politely refused and one of the people from the desk at the front of the room (she didn't have a name placard that I ever saw, nor did she ever speak, so I assume that she wasn't a member of the board but a lawyer/ lackey/ person-in-charge-of-condecending-smiles) walked past us and told us she was going to call the fire marshall. the chairperson interrupted the meetong
(again) to say that anyone who didn't cooperate with the fire marshall would not be allowed to speak in their citizens' commnet spot, but that if you cooperated you could still speak. The fire marshall came 15-20 minutes later with a posse of policepeople, and told us that we could either step to the back of the room (where posterboard must not be as flamable) or be cited for tresspassing and arrested. The woman I was next to wanted to speak in citizens' comment and decided to step back. (as per what the chairperson had stated about copperation.) One of the men and myself also stayed. The other four men in our group refused to move on principle, (remenber the constitution and all that jazz?) and were summarly arrested. While at the back of the room soemone (since he refused to give his name or badge number in my hearing, I assume that he wasn't a policeguy, although he had a badge thing of a sort, so I hope he was at least a security person and not just some random guy who likes to harass people and interrupt them while they are trying to watch the school board meeting...) tried to get our names, birthdates and contact information on the grounds that it might be need ed for court stuff or some such. He wasn't very clear what exactly he needed it for. After I refuse dto give him more than the year of my birth (which by itself establishes that I am not a minor, which was the only thing I could think he would need it for,) and first name, he didn't bother to ask for contact info, so I guess whatever he thought we might need to be contacted about wasn't that important. Or maybe he was just trying to bully and harass us and get information on citizens that had not been charged or cited to add to some list. But I digress. Anyway, we waited around for two hours for citizens' comment. (I happened to step into the women's room about three seconds before it was announced and missed the ensueing bit.) The chairperson then told the woman who had held a sign but cooperated with the fire marshall taht she could not speak in the commnet period that she had signed up for becaus she had held a sign. This is despite the chair's earlier statement that one could still speak if one cooperated. One or two other people did speak on the issue o fthe military in the schools tjough, as thay had not had signs. (Probably more, but I only saw one or two, as the woman who had been denied a slot was both really pissed off and my ride and I had to leave before citizens' commnet was over.)

That is all that I know realatively first hand. I will try to post a copy of the statement that we asked the board to read (they didn't) and a better explaination of what exactly we were (and are) asking for.


Protest at Monday's school board meeting 16.Apr.2003 14:06

John Grueschow

I am one of the four protesters arrested at Monday night's school board meeting. We were there because the war/occupation of Iraq brings an urgency to the ongoing issue of military recruiting in our schools. We were raising two primary issues. First, we were there to press the Portland school board to follow the lead of some other school districts (in Santa Cruz and San Francisco, CA and in Rochester, NY) by responding more creatively and courageously to the No Child Left Behind law's provision that high schools must release student personal information to military recruiters on demand. The law gives parents the option to "opt out" of this requirement in writing. We are asking the Portland school board to turn this requirement "on it's ear" by refusing to release student personal info to military recruiter UNLESS the parent or student insists in writing. Second, we were calling for a clear and restrictive district-wide policy on just what military recruiters can and cannot do at high schools. At present, the school board has left this issue up to individual principals to decide at their particular school--which means there is no real policy at all. If and when the recruiting gets more intense, military recruiters cannot be held accountable by us unless there are clear policy guidelines.

So, we showed up with signs and a written statement just after the beginning of the meeting on Monday evening. We were polite and respectful but also determined to stand our ground for the sake of the kids. (I have a daughter at Grant H.S., and other Portland Public School parents were represented among those arrested.) We were arrested for violating the fire marshall's code...blocking the isle...even though we made sure there was plenty of room to pass by (as several people did while they were making arrangements to have us busted). Our arraignment on charges of trespassing II is May 14th, and we plan to contest the charges against us. I encourage others to peacefully take up these issues with the Portland school board at your earliest convenience. Stop the war, end the occupation!
--John Grueschow, War Resisters League, Portland Chapter