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Name and Finger Prints

Name and Fingerprints
Can you refuse to give your name AND your fingerprints if arrested at a protest. I always thought that they could get your identity from your prints if they are on record.
depends, really 14.Apr.2003 22:07

not that I would know...

but if your prints are on file and you want to do solidarity, then you better make it clear to the kids you get arrested with that -everyone- should be refusing fingerprints. and by that I mean purposefully smudging them. its scary cause you are in their control and they might hold your hands for you and all of that.
but basically the point is to frustrate them.
make funny faces for the picture. smudge your prints.
pretend like its all a game, and maybe it will work.
but maybe it will just get you worse treatment.

hell the best reason to never give your name is so your prints dont end up on file in the first place.

[this is not the most informed comment, I have only limited experience inside the criminal justice system with jail solidarity.]

Just wondering 10.Jul.2004 02:37


Police only have your finger prints on file if you have a criminal record, right?